Well I wasn’t in church this morning to hear the sermon. I went into choir, but when we came down, I went into the kitchen to finish up prep for the food…warm the rolls, uncover all the many dishes, get the ice out, carve the turkeys…-oh man, you would have loved all that food. It was good and so was the fellowship.
I had to laugh…T, the guy with whom I talked about his sighing while you were here is still stressing over his sighs and possible COPD. He thanks me every time he sees me, sarcastically of course. He thanks me because he says I have made him super vigilent over every sigh, every deep breath is COPD worsening. He also cornered me up and asked me how Graham and I REALLY met. He said he wouldn’t ask while he was here because he didn’t want to put you on the spot. He seemed to not want to believe that a single man, younger than me would want to travel to America and spend a number of with me and my family and there not be something underhanded (read that sinful) going on. I couldn’t help but grin the whole time which probably didn’t help his suspicious thinking the least little bit, but I found it be awesome fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, not hearing the sermon I thought I would give you a very brief synopsis of my SS lesson. Hosea chapters 1-3..focusing on the command the Lord gave Hosea to go marry him a promiscious woman, which he did. They bore 3 children, each named something that told a message–God Scatters, No Compassion, Not my people…then Hosea told his children to rebuke their mother…something the Bible explicitly teaches against, and then Hosea had to go buy back Gomer (his wife) as she had wandered off with her lovers and gotten into a bad fix.
All this was done to emphasis how the Jewish people constantly turned away from God, yet God still loved them…how people’s sins will always find them out, regardless of how hard they try to hide them and that redemption is costly…it cost Hosea money to redeem his wife, it cost Jesus his life /God his son for us to be redeemed from the slave market of sin.

And that my friend, is it in a nutshell!!!

We had no Sunday nite service, Terry and Robby got the bush hog and bucket off the tractor and have decided it needs to go to the shop and I am on my 3rd color with the afghan I started during Thanksgiving.

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