meetings and meds

It’s a rainy day here, one of those days I really love. I can snuggle in and do housekeeping/bookkeeping/game playing/plundering and not feel the least bit guilty for not being out and up at the nursery doing something. While I love the people; getting to visit with them during the spring months, lately every time I go up and work, the rest of the day is spent struggling for air and taking even more breathing treatments. I know the day is coming when I will have to shut it down but I am not quite there yet. 🙂

Our topic at last night’s alanon meeting was criticism–the first page we read was on criticizing ourselves, and each page from there showed us a different angle…the moderator ( a school teacher) said she learned a lot; as did I…not to criticize ourselves, that criticizing can become habitual, it is a form of building up self while tearing down another and there are cases of justifiable criticism. I really enjoyed it and was reminded of how often I at least think critically about my daughter, ex-son in law and others in my path who do not do the way I think they should.

I am going to focus on being less critical this week.

We went by Walgreens to pick up a prescrip for hubby last night. We had picked up his other meds the 13th of Nov, but insurance wouldn’t let this BP med be refilled until the first of the month. When we picked up his diabetes meds mid Nov, the check out person asked did I want to leave it on Express pay…I had accessed my account online and entered a credit card for our meds so that when/if I needed someone else to pick them up (we live 17 miles from the town) they wouldn’t have to pay…I told him yes. Last night when we picked up the BP med, the lady said that is 35.00. I asked about the Express Pay and she said it wasn’t listed. I questioned could it be listed for one set of meds and not another…NO…it’s by person. I questioned why it was there 2 weeks ago…she didn’t know. I questioned how it could suddenly disappear. She said someone had to remove it. I said I didn’t do it so who did. She didn’t know. I questioned if there was someone there who did know…no, there wasn’t. Her attitude was of unconcern and I felt myself getting upset but kept saying to self…calm down, lower your voice, speak softly. I said to her…you don’t seem to undestand, hon…this is MY CC info we are talking about. She says…but it only shows the last 4 digits. I say…but hon, you don’t seem to grasp the seriousness of this…if I didn’t remove it and I didn’t, then WHO did. She didn’t know. I would have to call today…so I am going to do that.

And I did, and they are so unconcerned. No one can explain it. Must be a computer glitch. Am told repeatedly they are not software engineers, they are pharmacists. Duh…I always expect my software engineer to fill my meds.

Eventually I asked the pharmacist if the dude who checked my last mid Nov could possibly have clicked something that removed my EP from the system. Yes, he says…then why haven’t you already admitted it could have been a mis-clic by one of your staff. Ugggg.

And such is life in the year 2012

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