19 December, 2012 10:46

There is a story to this bowl. On Saturday night, after stuffing ourselves with seafood, fish and/or steak at Kane’s Restaurant; the SS class went back to the church for coffee, dessert and Dirty Santa. A precious lady from the church chose this gift to open; and as time went on it was learned that she had brought the gift herself.

When it was my turn, needing one of these bowls and having always wanted one of these bowls, but not willing to pay almost 20 dollars for one of these bowls, I chose to take it away from her (the dirty Santa part). There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth (grins) moaning and groaning; but all in fun of course.

Then when yet another precious lady from the church got her turn to choose a gift; can you believe that she took MY trifle bowl???? Of course down here we do NOT call them trifle bowls. They are called banana pudding bowls or rather ‘nanner puddin bowls. Sure, we can put other sorts of decadent rich desserts in them…but banana pudding is the main thing.

Well, again, more moaning and groaning and gnashing of teeth. This time I was doing the dramatics…but this precious held firm and TOOK my bowl.

I chose another gift; not nearly as desirable, to me anyway, but highly useful around here.

And on we went with the party.

Sunday after church, when I got into the car to go home, on the floor of the car, at my feet was a Christmas bag, inside which was this bowl and a card which said, I love you. The precious lady who had ended up with MY bowl, had graciously given it back.

Now…I feel led to bag it up and secretly give it back to the original owner, who is also a very precious lady. In my opinion, ownership of this bowl is not nearly as important to me as knowing I have done what I could do to bring fun, happiness and light into another’s life. 😀

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