around the bend

A very smart friend of mine shared this with me concerning the move: ***

  • At Ana’s age it isn’t unusual for her to want more independance and I feel that when she was at your house she could have that independance… more or less…. I don’t think that even when you tell her straight what to do it brakes against that. Nor do I think you are giving her too much independance … we have to grow up and out into the world around us. Therefore it must have been difficult for Ana at Stacie’s … I could understand it if she began to crave being back at Momo’s. I think we both know that Shandi wouldn’t feel this way. Shandi probably feels happier knowing Stacie’s around. That’s a feeling I get anyhow.***
  • 6:17pm

    . While Ana originally put her stuff in the shed–I had told her that she couldn’t move into the living room until after February because I have WMU (Women’s Missionary Union) meeting here and I didn’t want it messed up…but I could NOT stick to that. I had to give her the option of staying in the shed, which she likes and calls HER apartment or over here with us; given she says her mom basically told her to get out. My heart is just too soft to make her stay out in the shed right away when possibly she feels kicked out. She had given up the conveniences of laying in bed watching tv of her choice, being as she calls it the lazy kid to have a relationship with her mom only to be kicked in the teeth! Go figure. Now I just have to watch that I don’t over-compensate.

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