rain and more rain in more ways that rain

8 inches of rain, so I am told has fallen here in the past few days and more to come. thank you, Lord that we are not experiencing ice, as the northern part of the state is experiencing. Still, it’s a dreary day, both outside my window and inside my heart.
I have opened mouth and inserted foot, the foot was repeated to my friend, the person the foot referred to…not in an ugly manner, in a truthful, matter of fact manner…but my friend was hurt. Either by my words and what words were repeated as mine. I don’t know precisely what was shared and attributed to me.

I always ask friends to come to me when they hear anything that is questionable…whether from me or from someone saying I said something. It is the Biblical way of handling a problem, it is the fair and right thing to do, it is the only way to honestly work through a relationship problem. This hasn’t happened.

I was told it was ok when reference was made to the issue in a text message. I was busy and couldn’t pursue the subject. Friend was busy all weekend with a situation of her own and it was 2 days later before I realized she had been hurt.

I have apologized, honestly, sincerely. I have shared what I said to the best of my recollection. I have shared my thinking behind the sharing. I have made every attempt to be honest and to not fall into justification, only explanation. I was wrong to say a word concerning the situation. I cannot take the words back. I can only apologize, ask God to help me never, ever to refer to my friend at all to anyone and move forward and pray that she will forgive and reconcile.

But, part of that isn’t reasonable. One cannot co-exist in the world and especially be friends with a person and never refer to them. I honestly thought I was simply sharing facts. Oh well, I must let it go, let God handle it and stop obsessing over it. May God use this to change me, to mold me, to teach me.

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