My youngest accepted Christ as Saviour tonight. She had ‘accepted’ a few months back at a Judgment House she went to with the youth. Not having a pastor at the time not much was done toward follow through with her. Add to that the home situation and maw let it slide past her.

Then we got a pastor and a baptism was planned for another young kid who also accepted Christ during the same JH and Shandi was wanting to be baptized too.

I do believe she believes she accepted Christ as her Saviour. I know she doesn’t understand a lot of stuff like us ‘normal’ people; but I also think she doesn’t have the wherewithal to follow though without a whole lot of encouragment. Then again, she may just be the person God uses to speak to her mother and father.

I sure appreciate our pastor, Bro. Keven who has talked with Shandi, encouraged me and helped us through this. He is a wonderful man of God and I pray daily for him that he won’t become discouraged. I also pray that I will help Shandi grow as a young Christian as well as be an encouragement to our pastor.

fingers and fingers

Thank the Lord we got a good report on Terry’s fingers today. They still look rough, but the doc thinks they just might heal right on up.

Lord, we need you to heal another kind of finger–the kind that points out the faults of others and covers unkind words spoken and secrets shared. I never thought that grown women would act that way, especially grown Christian women.

Oh such a need for a broken and contrite spirit. Lord help me to look at my own self and weed out the faults and sins that reside within; help me to not strike out when hurt or ignored; help me to always focus on you and the price you paid on Calvary for my sins. Lord, help me to be more like you. Forgive me for my failures just today, help me to grow stronger in my walk with You.


Friday March 22…kids

I really expected to hear from daughter some today, given she finally staggered down the hill to help mow only the mower battery was deader than a door nail. That’s pretty dead, folks.

Nope, no sign of her. I finally sent a text around 5 or 6 letting her know daddy intended to mow in the morning if it wasn’t raining. No response.

When I returned from church, I discovered that Hollee was back out spending the weekend with Shan. I pondered if daughter was awake enough to give permission for this. When I saw Shan I asked and she said she turned the light on and asked mom and mom said she reckoned which, according to Shan, is a yes. ROFLMAO when mom wakes, IF she wakes to discover she gave permission for a weekend guest and she isn’t even out of the bed. Shan says she sleeps and wakes, sleeps and wakes. I asked if she ever said anything at school about it and she said no…her teacher couldn’t really do anything about it.

Then I talked with son and he is planning to come tomorrow. He plans to come and help with the mowing. Bless his heart. Always good as gold when he isn’t on drugs. He’s a good man.

After the accident

We call the clinic on Monday to speak with Dr. Whitehead’s staff and arrange an appointment only to be told that we should have been told to come in, not call. We dressed quickly and left arriving there around 11. We finally saw the doc around 12, well his nurse to begin with. She was a bit mouthy and rough, trying to take off the bandage the ER had put on with nothing to prevent the gauze from sticking OR the splint from sticking. She ended up having to soak the bandage and splint off his fingers, leaving some of the blue foam from the splint behind. Doc looked at the finger and decided he wanted to go and clean it up, set the bone and put the nail back into place. It was arranged for the next day.

We left the clinic and went to the Orthopedic Surgery building, did the pre-op, and finally left there around 3 with orders to bath that night and the next morning in some special soap they gave us and nothing per oral after midnight…blah, blah, blah.

The next day we arrived around 10:30 for an 11 surgery. They finally wheeled him into OR around 1 and began the surgery at 1:30. Afterwards the doctor called the waiting room and told me he still didn’t like the looks of the tip of his ring finger, but he didn’t want to jump the gun. He would see him in the office next week…Wednesday the 27 to be exact…and see how it looked. Instructions were given on how to treat him and we left for home.

I had called Stacie on Monday to let her know I was putting her phone number on the note at the store and she could answer her phone and wait on any customers who might call. As of Tuesday evening we hadn’t heard a word from her. Ana was sick on Monday night, so she took care of what customers I had on Tuesday while we were at Hattiesburg.

Today, Thursday, Terry called Stacie to see if she would go with him and Ana to mow the church yard. He had gotten the bid this year and the wild onions needed mowing. When she came down she was like a drunk person.

She’s taking too much of something and is slurring her words, acting almost drunk. I don’t know if she drinks along with the zoloft and trazadone and whatever else or if she’s taking the loratabs the doc prescribed Shandi when she had her tonsilectomy. Whatever she’s doing she tried to tell me today that it was her shoes making her unsteady. I told her to please not try to feed me that line of bull that shoes didn’t slur your words or make your eyes all glazy and your mouth hang open like some dim wit.
*sigh* Even Shandi worries and says she needs to wake up and go to the health department and talk about her problems. That will help, she says. Bless her.

My day at Hattiesburg

Got call first thing this morning that a wholesale customer was sending someone for an order. I started pulling the order. Terry called around 9, he was on the way to the ER. He had caught his ring and pinky finger on the right hand between the chain and tailgate of the dump truck at work. I couldn’t leave until the wholesale customer came or at least until I had the order pulled and priced out. I called Stacie around 10 because by then Terry had called back and was being sent to Hattiesburg. Tylertown couldn’t help him. I got no answer, so I left an ugly message on the voice mail. She is never awake when I need her, and it never seems to bother her. When she does get chewed out she will come around for a day or two and act all helpful and brag on herself until I want to puke.

Anyway, it worked out. Customer came, left, I left and took Terry to H’burg. We got into their ER at 11:55. We finally left at 6:00 PM and only then after I got a bit cranky with them. Ughhh. They sewed his fingers up and we have to call an orthopedic doc on Monday to set an appointment with him since he broke one of the fingers.

The truth shall set you free

After a few weeks of hibernation, daughter has been out and about this week. Sadly, in ways this is irritating. I am used to my day being spent uninterrupted unless a customer comes up. Just today she has made 5 or 6 trips down the hill. Yes, it’s good. I know she’s alive and out. She hasn’t been irritating to be around these days–there are days when something just isn’t right about her. I don’t like being around her those days. Maybe that is where her daughter gets the idea she is back on drugs. I think it is when she takes the actual prescribed dosage of one of her psych meds.

So, learned today thru mom that grand’daughter had taken phone to school Her dad and I both had asked her to not do that. When she came in I had a long hard talk with her, along with her mom. I told Ana that using her mom for the things she wanted that I couldn’t or wouldn’t provide was wrong and I was tired of watching it. She could choose to try and have an relationship with mom and benefit from what mom would do or stop using mom. If she chose to sever contact with her mom then she had to live by rules and not run to mom or dad when things didn’t go to suit her.

There was much more said…but that was the gist of things. Ana said she liked things they way they were and when I questioned her on what that was she said she really didn’t want anything to do with her mom. Then I reiterated that she needed to stop using and manipulating her mom.

I could see the pain that crossed Stacie’s face. I know Stacie has a lot of work to do on herself, but she still hurts and does love her kids as much as she is capable of loving them. My heart hurts for her and I pointed out to Ana that her mom does love her and all the blah, blah, blah that goes on in those types of confrontations.

So, whether or not this truth has set Ana free or Stacie free or neither of them…it’s out there and Stacie took it quite calmly. Surprisingly.