The truth shall set you free

After a few weeks of hibernation, daughter has been out and about this week. Sadly, in ways this is irritating. I am used to my day being spent uninterrupted unless a customer comes up. Just today she has made 5 or 6 trips down the hill. Yes, it’s good. I know she’s alive and out. She hasn’t been irritating to be around these days–there are days when something just isn’t right about her. I don’t like being around her those days. Maybe that is where her daughter gets the idea she is back on drugs. I think it is when she takes the actual prescribed dosage of one of her psych meds.

So, learned today thru mom that grand’daughter had taken phone to school Her dad and I both had asked her to not do that. When she came in I had a long hard talk with her, along with her mom. I told Ana that using her mom for the things she wanted that I couldn’t or wouldn’t provide was wrong and I was tired of watching it. She could choose to try and have an relationship with mom and benefit from what mom would do or stop using mom. If she chose to sever contact with her mom then she had to live by rules and not run to mom or dad when things didn’t go to suit her.

There was much more said…but that was the gist of things. Ana said she liked things they way they were and when I questioned her on what that was she said she really didn’t want anything to do with her mom. Then I reiterated that she needed to stop using and manipulating her mom.

I could see the pain that crossed Stacie’s face. I know Stacie has a lot of work to do on herself, but she still hurts and does love her kids as much as she is capable of loving them. My heart hurts for her and I pointed out to Ana that her mom does love her and all the blah, blah, blah that goes on in those types of confrontations.

So, whether or not this truth has set Ana free or Stacie free or neither of them…it’s out there and Stacie took it quite calmly. Surprisingly.

2 thoughts on “The truth shall set you free

  1. Still trying to get your message across huh and getting tired by the sense of deja vu. I have a similar problem at work with two of my employees. One a professional who should act and know better. The other not really believing that they have any obligation on them in their position too have to act responsibly. Both sort of making an effort to play ball if appealed to, but equally prone to blame the other the moment temptation grabs hold of them. Why? I suspect that both parties only cling to other people’s truth the way a catholic clings to their rosary beads in a confessional. They always know there is a chance they are doing the wrong thing and they better play it safe when talking to the priest. The priest simply hopes that if he can keep a connection with them then eventually the truth will enter their heart and the rosary beads can fall to the floor…. unneeded… and left for some other troubled soul to pick up and cling to. My problem at work is that letting these people try to forge their own belief and understanding affects me and everyone else. As I am more experienced, as I see it, and in charge of the store’s destiny I can’t see how I can delegate being the Captain of the ship to others who want to learn what it means to further their own belief that the quickest route ahead is through the heart of a storm. Of course when you are teaching someone to drive a car you have one hand ready to grab the wheel if it looks like it is the car is going to end up impaled in a nearby tree. The rest of the time you spend grimacing as the wheels spin unnecsesarily fast and rubber burns, the engine cries out in anguish at a porrly timed gear change and the ride makes you want to bail out so you can be sick by the side of the road 😀 What a life huh 🙂

  2. True that on the teaching someone to drive. 😀 I sure got a giggle out of that.
    I really tried hard to convince one Anastasia that being with her mom and working things out was THE way to go. I am at an age, she is at an age that I do NOT want to be responsible for whatever happens. Been there, done that already. I paid my dues, did my part. It is time for me to rest.
    On the other hand, I love the child enough to want what is best for her and at this point I suppose feeling safe with maw and paw is what is best for her.
    Graham, if we didn’t have all these nut cases in our life, we would quickly become bored, don’t ya think?

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