My day at Hattiesburg

Got call first thing this morning that a wholesale customer was sending someone for an order. I started pulling the order. Terry called around 9, he was on the way to the ER. He had caught his ring and pinky finger on the right hand between the chain and tailgate of the dump truck at work. I couldn’t leave until the wholesale customer came or at least until I had the order pulled and priced out. I called Stacie around 10 because by then Terry had called back and was being sent to Hattiesburg. Tylertown couldn’t help him. I got no answer, so I left an ugly message on the voice mail. She is never awake when I need her, and it never seems to bother her. When she does get chewed out she will come around for a day or two and act all helpful and brag on herself until I want to puke.

Anyway, it worked out. Customer came, left, I left and took Terry to H’burg. We got into their ER at 11:55. We finally left at 6:00 PM and only then after I got a bit cranky with them. Ughhh. They sewed his fingers up and we have to call an orthopedic doc on Monday to set an appointment with him since he broke one of the fingers.

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