My youngest accepted Christ as Saviour tonight. She had ‘accepted’ a few months back at a Judgment House she went to with the youth. Not having a pastor at the time not much was done toward follow through with her. Add to that the home situation and maw let it slide past her.

Then we got a pastor and a baptism was planned for another young kid who also accepted Christ during the same JH and Shandi was wanting to be baptized too.

I do believe she believes she accepted Christ as her Saviour. I know she doesn’t understand a lot of stuff like us ‘normal’ people; but I also think she doesn’t have the wherewithal to follow though without a whole lot of encouragment. Then again, she may just be the person God uses to speak to her mother and father.

I sure appreciate our pastor, Bro. Keven who has talked with Shandi, encouraged me and helped us through this. He is a wonderful man of God and I pray daily for him that he won’t become discouraged. I also pray that I will help Shandi grow as a young Christian as well as be an encouragement to our pastor.

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