Hospital and following

Went into the hospital on August 18th with inflammed lungs and virtually no air movement. Stayed through Wednesday, August 21. I was given massive (for me) doses of Steroids, which in turn ran my sugar up, (I am not diabetic) made my heart race and gave me a killer headache. I came home with a step down dose of Prednisone–20, 15, 10, and 5 mg. As time went on I began to feel better but still hadn’t gotten totally up to par. But, not being able to just ‘be’ on Sept 3,4 and 5 I took the books out of the hall book shelf, cleaned it well and proceeded to paint it with the same yellow as the hall.

Of course I chose to not use the kiltz as I knew the scent it had. I truly was/am trying to steer clear of all harmful fumes and irritants but a girl just has to get up and do sometimes.

So, on Friday the 6th I woke with a sore throat, that over all feeling of unwellness. I muddled through the day, went to the ballgame and set myself up to serve the nachos as I could sit between customers. I made it through the game even though I thought a time or two I would have to leave.

Saturday, Sept.7, I watered the nursery and cooked food for our Sunday dinner.

September 8, church, fed the missionary, home and took Star to meet her mom, back for a nap and church.

9/9/13 emailed Dr. V’s office, described tightness in my chest, not feeling well, informed them I was seeing NP on Tuesday.

9/10/10 Saw Chris (NP). Diagnosed sinusitis. I had coughed up some nasty stuff that morning. He said to take the Ativan for the inner ear as my ears were still full of fluid and added Mucinex D which I have yet to find.

9/11/13 Began using nasal rinse, flonase, along with albuteral in nebulizer, spireva and q var; allegra, hormone and prilosec. This would be my routine from here on. I did water the fern house, picked a bucket of peas, shelled, blanched and froze them, sold some trees. Went to bed around 8.

9/12/13 woke up around3/4 o’clock coughing, surprising loose. Finally got up and took cough med..had and continue to take a dose each night at bedtime. Woke back up @ 6, got up, did meds; put on mask and mowed about 30″ in the yard, pulled a few weeds in flowerbed, finished bookshelf–put shelves in and books on shelf; did 2 loads laundrey.

9/13/13 Woke burning in respiratory area, sore, scratchy throat, head felt woozy. Remembered I had failed to take my ativan the night before. Took cough med, laid down around 8PM, fell sleep, woke every 2-3 hours but would go back to sleep.

Watered Greenhouse, picked peas. Before I was done picking the peas I felt woopy head, like going real fast down a high hill.

About 8PM began cough, cough, cough. Took cough med and finally coughed up some yellow stuff. Rubbed chest with vicks and took a pepperment @ 9.

9/14/13 Woke in a.m. coughing yellow stuff. Drove daughter to Jackson, back through Brookhaven to grocery shop and by sis in laws to drop Ana off. Felt rough, with dry cough, almost feverish by the evening; cold when I shouldn’t have been cold. I laid down by 6PM, woke at 9 coughing, fixed a hot toddy(whiskey sour) used lemon, honey, water and whiskey) Took rest of meds and went to sleep

Sunday 9/15/13 Woke coughing and blowing yellow mucous. Made it to church but had to sit to teach my Sunday School class. All over feeling of weakness. After church and lunch I laid down and took a nap. Went back to church for some business and the Discipleship Class but left after that. Ate when I came in at 6 pm, fixed a hot toddy, drank it and laid down. Drifted off to sleep. Woke at 9pm coughing again, took cough med and ativan, still coughed for an hour before meds finally kicked in.

Monday 9/16/13 woke at 4, slept off and on till 6am. cough was more dry and some painful.

After breakfast and meds I watered the nursery, pulled few weeds at house, sprayed a bit of roundup on some weeds and cleaned food from shed refrigerator. I had/did feel some better on Monday. I took my meds around 8:30 9pm (cough med and ativan) and laid down. I began to have the feeling of if I even talked I would go into a coughing spasm. I tried pepermint. Then started coughing..finally got up at 10 and fixed another hot toddy. After drinking it I went on to sleep.

I am noticing a connection between what I do and how I feel the next day. If I am at the nursery, or if I pull even 5 weeds, or spray roundup 5 minutes or do anything that involves problem smells, chemicals, molds, mildews, pollen, dust, etc then the next day I am down for the count. Because…

Tuesday 9/17/13 I woke coughing up yellow stuff and feeling tight and painful in my chest. My head feels whoopy and I can barely get myself going this morning although I have emptied the water from the defrosted shed refrig, put the towels I left to soak up extra water on to wash, emptied the litter pan and fixed a bite of breakfast.


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