Now on to bright things

For anyone who reads this blog, as sporadic as it is, rest assured I don’t plan to use it as a *run me down* of all my medical problems. I am having to document what I do and how it affects me and I thought this might be a good place to put it.

On the brighter side of things though–As I contemplate my own situation and look at others in far worse shape than I; as I listen to the problems of those willing to share their problems with me, I am reminded of how marvelously blessed I am.  God is absolutely wonderful to take care of me and I need to remember to always thank Him for each and everything He does.

I am in the process of contacting people who might want to buy up some nursery supplies/plants/equipment. I am having to close down shop. I have prayed about this a lot. I have documented the effects being at the nursery, or even being outside during certain times of the year, has on me. To live, I have to stay away from plants and all they entail. I will be left with a building unless someone comes along and wants to rent it. Wouldn’t it be neat to set it up as a small consignment shop for those who have artsy/craftsy/whatever stuff they would like to get rid of? 

I have been looking for me another part time job. However I haven’t come across anything in that area..but given I haven’t gotten well yet, I trust that is God doing things in His own timing and I am grateful for that. I know we will survive. 

There is a certain amount of sadness as I look outside my window, knowing there are so many things outside these walks that I love to do but that I will have to no longer do. Acceptance of such conditions doesn’t come easy and for this I have to look toward God for my help, my courage, my strength and most of my patience and willingness to accept this new path I am now on.


1 thought on “Now on to bright things

  1. Hi Klara 🙂 Can you get by without a job now? Can’t help feeling you’ve done enough for the community over the years. Love and best wishes Graham

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