another wild weekend

Well, well, well–Friday, October 11 I was scheduled to have an MRI of the brain–If they could find it. *hahahahaha* On Thursday I asked Stacie if she would like to go. She says if she wakes up in time, in fact, she says she might not have ever gone to sleep by 5:30 in the morning, which was the time I wanted to leave as I had to be there at 7 and it was to be foggy. I told her to simply not come if she hadn’t slept any because I didn’t need her to go and sleep on the way over and while there and on the way home. Sooooo, when I drove out of the drive on Friday morning and looked up toward her house there was no light at all on, so I went alone.

Saturday rolled around and I began to realize I hadn’t noticed Stacie’s bike under the shed. I questioned Ana who said she didn’t think her mom had been home since Friday. Sunday Shandi walks in around 8:30 to ask if we know where her mom is. She said her mom had not left her a note or anything, just the dog’s food outside her bedroom and the bedroom door locked. I woke Ana to ask if she had heard from mom and she said yes, mom had replied the world NO to a text message Ana sent her the night before. I sent Stacie a text stating I didn’t think a mother, a real good mother, would go off and leave her kid all weekend and not tell them where she was. That was at 8:45. At 1 something she replied that she had told Shandi on Thursday what she was doing. The thing is, she didn’t tell me and I watch after her kids.

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