grins and giggles

Yesterday the two girls were having a heated argument…Ana gave Shandi back a pair of shoes she had borrowed and when Shan asked why, Ana replied "They are too wide for my foot". Shandi immediate replied with "So you are saying I have a fat foot?" And from there the words flew. I was in the living room taking care of winterizing the window and as I listened to them I found myself grinning. The absurdity of their argument; the truth that each had a valid point; the knowledge that even as an adult I had argued just as ridiculously all gave me reason to actually laugh out loud.

They got on the bus still huffy and angry with each other. I remember when I would have tried to fix the problem before they got on the bus. I remember when I would have stressed all day over how their day went and what kind of trouble did they get into on the bus. This day, as they left for the bus, I sent up a quick prayer and immediately forgot about the argument. When they came in from school it was as though the argument had never happened.

Today, Stacie and I went to town to buy groceries. I had to take Ana to the doc on the way as she was sick with a sinus infection. Before making it to Walmart we went to McDonalds for a burger. While we ate, Ana’s dad called and after he and I talked, he talked with Ana some and as they got off the phone we heard her say, I love you too, dad. There followed a long period of stress where Stacie tried to force Ana to say I love you to her by guilting and anger…none of which worked and surprisingly none of which disturbed my serenity. I did tell them both that we were in public and they could act accordingly, then I changed the subject.

I am so thankful that God is moving me toward not taking everything so seriously, that I am seeing how so much in my life simply isn’t that important and how just remaining cool, calm and collected usually saves the day, so to speak. Maybe I am just too old to let these things bug me. Maybe I realize how short my time on this earth really is. Maybe I realize that God really is in control and it’s ok if I let go…maybe all the above apply.

It is good whatever it is.