Thanks for all the positives I have

Thanksgiving has come and gone. While I am thankful that I have beautiful, loving grand-daughters and a son who cares, along with inlaws; there are quite a few things I find it difficult to be thankful for …even though I know I learn and grow from these hardships.

Shandi, my younger grand from my daughter spent all of Thanksgiving holiday with me. It was super cold for one thing and her mother doesn’t make a lot of effort to keep a warm spot for the child. The folks from the coast were up and she enjoys spending time with them and playing cards and mama was being —well, mama. Mama chooses to not come around when Judy and Robert are up because she doesn’t like the way they talk about her tatoos and her lifestyle.

So, while daughter helped make her dad’s birthday German chocolate cake on Tuesday, and came back and ate stew with us that night; we haven’t seen her since. Shandi helped me clean the shed so she would have a private place of her own and she stayed there until Sunday. Sunday she spent some time with mom and whatever was said convinced Shandi to go back up there with her mom.

This evening Ana was asking her mom for some clothes that her friend Casey had sent back by her mom today. Daughter refuses to send them by Shandi and Ana’s dad tells her to not be going up to her mom’s house…there is a reason for that too. Mom, her friend CJ and their bf, Bruce will party hard (if you get my drift) in daughter’s room and Shandi can hear them. When they aren’t doing the 3-some, it’s CJ and Bruce or when Daughter is angry with CJ it is her and Bruce.Add to all the inappropriate behavior is the fact that Bruce has talked to Ana quite angrily; something he has no right to do. Quite an example to be setting for her youngest child.

So, Ana asks her mom for the clothes. Stacie replies that it isn’t CJ’s place to keep Ana’s stuff and she can come get it if she wants it. And replies that CJ is the one who got her stuff, so she should know where it is and adds that she (Ana) wants nothing to do with her mom. Mom then asks for her Buffy tapes back and Ana says when she is done with them at which mom pops back with *finished tearing them up you mean*. Anytime something breaks or is missing, Ana did it.

Shandi goes up to her house and looks for Ana’s clothes. Eventually she comes back crying and says that she wishes mom would stop saying that Ana doesn’t love her and that their dad is trying to get her (Shandi) to not love her mom.

Oh, the crap daughter lays on these kids–ya’ll don’t love me. Your dad is trying to take ya’ll from me. I am mad at your paw and I won’t go back down there ever. (She is mad because Paw ran their boyfriend off)

I so wish I had the answer to ease the pain they both (grands) must be feeling. Having had a mentally sick mother I am somewhat familiar with what they go through. God please help me to be the person I need to be for them.

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