somewhere in between

Tuesday, December 3rd wasn’t one of those *worst* days of my life. It wasn’t one of those *best* days of my life. It was simply one of those days where you simply wanted to go home and take a pill or fix something stronger than a glass of water-IF you had those tendencies. 😀

Noticed I had about 8 more days left on my hormones. Checked pharmacy website and no, the new prescript the NP had written 2 weeks prior was NOT there. Called the pharmacy, they said they could check with the doctor..all of this was on Monday. Tuesday, still no hormone prescript at the pharmacy. True, I still have 7 days, but this hormone takes a day or two for insurance to approve so time is important. Called the pharmacy they said to call the doctor’s office. Called the doc’s office and finally the receptionist said I had to come in and pick up the script.

I knew this. I told the NP this but NO, he knew more than me and said it wasn’t necessary. So I drive to town, pick up my script and while there I go by the bank to close out 3 little accounts that had been started for grands and their parents wouldn’t contribute. My plans were to give my 2 girls here their money and I had already given the neice her’s for her wedding. Well, come to find out the bank had sucked up all but Ana’s in fees and hadn’t bothered to send out a letter. She said it was in the FINE print. yeah right!!!

On to the town my scripts are filled in and I, thinking that since this script has to picked up in person then I need to take it straight to the pharmacy. NO, they don’t want responsibility for it until it can be filled and that won’t be until the 10th at which time I won’t have any left….so look out world!!!!

Then I decided to stop in Walmart and pick up a few things for candy making and crafting and remembered Terry needed multi-vitamins; so I pick him up some, got some other things, but forgot the dipping chocolate and when I got home and unloaded everything I noticed that the vitamins I got Terry were WOMEN"s…so guess what peeps–he is gonna take them till they run out. Maybe he won’t grow boobs…roflmo. It says it’s good for metabolism so maybe it will rev his up and he will lose a pound, suppose?


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