me generation

Church yesterday was quite the experience. Arrived in a rain storm, was presented with 3 months of the pastor’s retirement forms he had failed to get to me after finally getting him an account set up with them! Took care of that.
Then we discovered we had ran out of gas. Probably Terry’s fault for not checking the tank since he’s the deacon of the month. Oh well. Stuff happens. The whole church smelled awful of gas which wasn’t helping my breathing issues.
Cleared up a question I had on a deposit. Nope, wasn’t my adding this time. 😀
Sunday School went off without a hitch, but right after the preacher began preaching the lights went off…thankfully for only a few moments.

This morning when Terry went to leave he said that CJ must have gone back to the motel with her bf, which is where we were told she was most of the week. Guess she was using that SSI check she gets wisely. (sarcasm used here) As Terry left, I asked Shandi if CJ went home last night and she sighs and says…"No, her and my mama left late last night and only told me they were going to a friends. My mama wouldn’t tell me what friend they were going to see. "

I let her know how sorry I was that she was alone and asked why she didn’t come spend the night with me. Her reply was that it was lightening and dark and she didn’t have a flashlight. She probably didn’t have a phone to call me either because I would have gone to get her. I will talk to her daddy about getting her a simple phone, easy for her to text and talk on so she will have a means of getting hold of me. She said her mom leaving left her without an alarm and the little free phone she has doesn’t have an alarm.

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