Orange marmalade


I was blessed with an abundance of oranges, lemons and grapefruit this year so I put them to good. I juiced the grapefruit and put it in the freezer in the form of concentrate. I juiced the lemons and froze that juice, unaltered in ice trays. Each cube is approximately 2 tablespoons, making it easy to use in recipes. I took a few of the oranges and turned them into this beautiful orange marmalade using as a basic guide a recipe from Alton Brown on the Food Network. I added 2 whole, very large, grocery store bought jalapenos and a good chunk of grated ginger. My aim was to add some spice to the marmalade. However, I said “grocery store” jalapenos for a reason. My experience is that none of them are as hot as the ones I can grow. So next time I will attempt to kick up the heat just a bit.

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