True Love

**In real love you want the other person’s good. In romantic love, you want the other person.
–Margaret Anderson

The expression of real love is so easy between grandparents and children **
Hmmm, I read this and on any other day I might would have nodded my head in agreement, with a slight doubt given my knowledge of certain people. However, this morning it was like a slap of reality as I considered the truth that a father had just informed his daughter that her ‘real’ father might indeed be the very man who molested when she was but a small child. What a slap in the face to that young person. What cruelty possesses the heart and mind of a man to want to inflict that upon his own flesh and blood-and yes, there is no doubt she is his flesh and blood.
In recovery we learn that hurt people hurt people and this is one of those perfect illustrations. Hurt as a child himself, family split, father as mean as they come by his own admission, child grows into a young man who carries the pain of his youth with him, never stopping long enough in his search for love and happiness to discover that it really lies within his own soul and with a relationship with God the only True Father. Broken relationships, lost jobs, pain and misery are his constant companion.
God, help me be the person who guides the hurting child he left in the wake of his own pain. Help me turn her toward the true comforter, the Way the Truth and the Life, help me help her to KNOW that she KNOWS that she is a child of God, and God will carry her through whatever life throws at her.

For in my humble opinion, her father is incapable of real love at this moment in his life

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