Apple part of jelly

I like making jelly and especially experimenting with different types of jelly-namely jalapeno. I found this recipe that calls for 4 pounds of tart apples to cook down and use with the jalapenos in place of the liquid or powdered pectin usually used in jelly  making.

So, yesterday while in town, Stacie and I bought the 4 pounds of apples required for a making of jalapeno jelly using the pectin from apples rather than the store bought type. This morning, knowing it might/could take some time for the cooked mixture to drip through the cheesecloth, I started cutting up the apples before the girls left for school.

Shandi, watching, asked what I doing and I explained it to her. She questioned my using the seeds and peelings and I explained that it would all be strained, leaving nothing but juice. As she watched me chop the apples into chunks, and noticed some seeds leaving the apple and staying on the cutting on the board, she piped up: Some little seeds say: “nope, I’m not jumping over into a pot of boiling water, thank you very much. I’ll stay right here on the cutting board.”


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