I hear ya, Grandma

It has been a busy morning. Got the kids off to school, checked a few things online; planted some herb seed, watered my pots, fertilized the herbs already growing, washed bed clothes (got to put them on the bed and dry hubby’s work clothes). Then I went off to gather rose petals.
I had made rose petal jelly last week. 4 half pints was the yield and I gave a jar away, and the rest is at the market. I wanted to gather Joseph coat blossoms and the blossoms from a old, old rambling red rose that grew on grandma’s property. The jelly I made last week was from the old timey rose bush in my yard, a bush that my BIL, Bobby’s mother gave me.
As I gathered the red rose petals, I noticed the honeysuckle blooming so back home, another container and my boots and back to gather honeysuckle blossoms. Needless to say, after gathering a cup full and then coming home to check the recipe, I need about 4 quarts, so I went ahead and put those to steep in hot water until I can gather more.
But as I was bringing the rose blossoms (specifically her grandma’s Joseph Coat blossoms in yellow stage) to boil in order to extract the flavor and fragrance from the petals, it came to me, a memory from way back in 2000 following grandma’s stroke. She often told me some wild tales when I would visit. Tales of mean people with guns who stalked the halls and kidnapped old women, stories of how they stole her baby and best of all the rose jelly story. At the time of her telling me I had no clue that jelly could be made from rose petals. Her roomie had a beautiful bouquet of roses, red, yellow and oranges roses that her daughter had brought in that morning. Grandma looked at them and began to tell me about how good that rose jelly was they made from those roses. She said the red rose made a good jelly, but the very best jelly was from the yellow rose. I laughed out loud and said, “Ok, grandma. I hear ya.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flower jellies

I have gathered blossoms from grandma’s Joseph Coat rose and her old red rose to make rose petal jelly. I am also going to try honeysuckle jelly. Yummy


A batch of red clover/blueberry wine jelly and a batch if red clover/jalapeƱo jelly.