Stacie missing-oops-in jail

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 Stacie left around 4-4:30 following Bruce Harrington going to the lake in Marion County.

By Friday she hadn’t shown up at home so I got Bruce’s number from Chantel and called him-he claimed he and Stacie both left the lake at the same time, Stacie headed home, he headed where ever he heads.

Called local Sheriff’s office. Billy Wayne came up. As I gave him info, phone rang. Number was from Marion-Walthall correctional facility. Lady said she worked there, and if they knew she called she would lose her job, but Stacie was in jail and hadn’t been given her phone call yet.

I got off phone, Billy Wayne left, I called same facility to be told no, there was no Stacie on the docket.

Talked with Bruce Boyd (not the Bruce of Stacie saga). He will see what he can find out at local SD.

Bruce came by, verified she is in jail. Bradly M called and said she was in on possession of drugs. Was picked up the 28th by Columbia Police Dept. Sumrall has a hold on her also.

Called Roy. May have problems with custody of kids.

Lord Help me.

Ghost waterer?


Well…the mystery is solved. The plants in the black pots are forsynthias. A good friend and neighbor, Bob, gave them to me last year. I don’t remember if they are a special type or just forsynthias. Knowing Bob, they are different.

Bob died a few months back and last week I remembered these plants, still lounging around at the nursery. I rescued them, set them next to the office door bench, close to the faucet so I would not forget to water them. I simply didn’t want to lose them, given Bob is no longer with us. I’d like to keep them, plant them this fall and have them as a memory.

Yesterday, I noticed the walk damp and water on the leaves of the plants long after I had watered the other plants across the sidewalk. I intended to ask hubby if he had watered them, but forgot.

Today, I noticed the same thing well past morning dew time. I know I did not water them this morning, but there they were, soil damp, water on the leaves, a portion of the walk wet. I seriously thought hubby had stopped by for something and watered them. No one else was home to do it. I had been in the back forty looking for wild herbs. Again, I got busy and forgot all about the plants.

Tonight, I stepped outside to see a stray dog Ana had seen, and again, saw the wet sidewalk, noticed the water on the leaves and the soil wet. I asked both girls if they watered the plants. Both girls said no. I looked heavenward and wondered if Bob was making sure that his plants were watered when I felt the gently spray of water on my foot…the faucet had a tiny leak, just enough to send a miniscule spray of water directly toward the 4 pots. Mystery solved. While Bob may not be an angel watering the plants, he may have had something to do with the placement of the pots and/or the leak at the faucet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!