Ghost waterer?

Well…the mystery is solved. The plants in the black pots are forsynthias. A good friend and neighbor, Bob, gave them to me last year. I don’t remember if they are a special type or just forsynthias. Knowing Bob, they are different.

Bob died a few months back and last week I remembered these plants, still lounging around at the nursery. I rescued them, set them next to the office door bench, close to the faucet so I would not forget to water them. I simply didn’t want to lose them, given Bob is no longer with us. I’d like to keep them, plant them this fall and have them as a memory.

Yesterday, I noticed the walk damp and water on the leaves of the plants long after I had watered the other plants across the sidewalk. I intended to ask hubby if he had watered them, but forgot.

Today, I noticed the same thing well past morning dew time. I know I did not water them this morning, but there they were, soil damp, water on the leaves, a portion of the walk wet. I seriously thought hubby had stopped by for something and watered them. No one else was home to do it. I had been in the back forty looking for wild herbs. Again, I got busy and forgot all about the plants.

Tonight, I stepped outside to see a stray dog Ana had seen, and again, saw the wet sidewalk, noticed the water on the leaves and the soil wet. I asked both girls if they watered the plants. Both girls said no. I looked heavenward and wondered if Bob was making sure that his plants were watered when I felt the gently spray of water on my foot…the faucet had a tiny leak, just enough to send a miniscule spray of water directly toward the 4 pots. Mystery solved. While Bob may not be an angel watering the plants, he may have had something to do with the placement of the pots and/or the leak at the faucet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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