What a week

What a week. What a day. Thank you, Lord for the blessings of my life. Daughter came home from rehab/mental help unit on Tuesday evening. This required me driving 50 miles one way to pick her up after working at the Farmer’s Market from 7-1. Then it was home in time to change shirts and make it to the church to prepare for the craft for the night. Talk about tired.

Today is Saturday, June, 21 and it’s 9:27 PM and until this evening I hadn’t heard from daughter. I would have heard from her then had I not texted her. She says she’s adjusting to the new meds. They did change her anti-depressant from Depakote to (Hmm, I forgot) anyway, she has to (Oh yes, effexor) take it in the morning and it makes her drowsy. Yep, made me that way too and nauseous. That’s why I don’t take them now.

Today, Terry and I mowed the church yard. We couldn’t yesterday due to VBS going on. As he finished up, he was riding around the parking lot letting the mower blades blow the trash away from the church–the preacher walked over to ask me about a gift for a member and then asked if Terry was mowing the parking lot–hahaha—I told him what he was doing, preacher walked in the church and ***shatter***I heard the window break into a million, gazillion pieces. Oh well…now this is a window, the driver’s side window, not the windshield.

I already have a claim # and will call someone Monday.

Ana went to her friend, Brieanna’s on Thursday night. She will stay until they either get sick of each other or school starts. Shandi is still at Brenda’s. I called tonight to check on them and Shan says she is still mad at her mother and she isn’t ready to come home yet and she isn’t coming home yet!!!! 😀 😀 She did say and this time I’m not backing down., I’m through being the sweet one who always gives in, and I’m old enough to make some choices on my own!! Bless her heart.

I came in from mowing, and made the claim on the window and then made 3 batches of jelly. I fought with the round labels I bought–Avery labels–downloaded a template as I didn’t have one in Publisher for that label. It would work, but geez, I have to copy/paste from the first one to the other 11. No time for that. Went to Avery’s website where they have the *design and print online* option. Designed the label, printed it, didn’t line up. These are Avery labels, This is Avery’s website, This is Avery’s doings. I re-adjusted and still no joy. I looked and looked for a label in publisher that even came close and FINALLY, this evening, after almost pulling all my hair out, FOUND one. Designed my writing, printed them on plain paper and glued them to the lid. I wasn’t sure the glue would hold but so far, it’s doing well. Now, I have the name of the jelly, my name, ingredients and size on the lid..easy to read from behind the table; easy to read by the customer. I put the Cottage Industry label down the smooth side of the jar and all is good. (All the jars we buy or textured and labels will not stick to textured glass)

I think that is about it–other than I’m glad VBS is over and I had the greatest help this year. Lesleigh Clark and Dana Grimes. Lesleigh is pregnant, but was there every night and did so well. I am training her to take over the crafts. Yes!!!! Dana is good help where ever you put her and has such a happy outlook. Love both of them to pieces.

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