is the shingle hung?

Life certainly seems to get in the way of keeping this thing updated. Example: today I woke but tried to lay there and drift back off to sleep, but heard a truck drive up. I knew it was daughter as she was debating going to Tickfaw to see Robby and her daughter, Ana. I certainly didn’t know she would leave that early as it wasn’t even 7. But I crawled out of bed and started coffee.

Well she hadn’t decided to go, she really wanted me to make the choice for her. I didn’t. She did mention not wanting to ask me for the $ to get down, and I told her in I didn’t want to give her the hard earned $ I had going to the Farmer’s Market, a venture she was supposed to help me with so ‘we’ could pay her electric and water since Roy had lost his job a month or so ago. ( He is back to work now)

I reminded her that when she had money she had blown it and that just this past week she *couldn’t stay at the water park all day, preventing her from going with me to set up for that FM, and she apparently couldn’t get up to go to Tylertown and keep my booth open for me while I went to my doc appointment, so NO, I didn’t want to give her the money I made.* End results were she didn’t go.

I spent the day putting up what I call Christmas Jelly. It’s pepper jelly that is layers, an orange/yellow layer, a green layer and a red layer. Each layer is made from different peppers and it takes all day to make. I also made a batch of Hawaiian Sweet bread which doesn’t taste like the one we buy, but it’s better than some breads I have made.

Brenda and Shandi came by and while they were here, Stacie came down. Shandi absolutely politely refused to hug her mom, informed her mom that she wasn’t going back up to that house and end results were that daughter left upset and angry. Shandi says she is done with her mother. She’s tried and tried and now since mom keeps screwing up, she is done. Time will tell if she comes around or not. I’m not even sure she needs to come around.

I know daughter isn’t a perfect. None of us are. But I do know that Stacie has seldom been actually involved in the day to day happenings of life, hers or the girls. I know it doesn’t take much for her to go all sulky, or start a screaming fit at one of them, or lay a guilt trip on which ever one she is having difficulty with. Shandi, in all her disabilities, has figured this all out and says she is tired of being her mom’s slave.

Her mom ask if she was going to live with her dad and she says, " no, I am no not going to live on the coast with my daddy. I will live with my maw or Aunt Brenda.

Then later on Perry, guy Terry works with calls. He’s upset because he thought/thinks Terry doesn’t want to go fishing with him. Terry didn’t call him because he thought Perry wanted to go to the river to set out line and Terry enjoys spinning reel fishing more. Anywho, Perry talked to me about it and I began to wonder if my counseling shingle had been hung with out my being aware of it. 😀

My doctor visit with good. Dr. McCollum seems like a nice fellow. My spirometry (how much air I can pull in and push out) numbers were low, so I have to have another in January. My oxygen level was 91 when I got in there but it did finally go up to 96. All in all, we are keeping everything the same until I have the next spirometry test done and then we may have to adjust my meds.

Well I didn’t get the blueberry jelly made as I planned, but since yesterday I’ve made a cake, 3 pans of bread, 27 jars of jelly and done the laundry and various other chores around the house. Oh yeah, mowed the church yard yesterday.

Im beat so I think I will head on to bed.

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