September 20, 2014

So often the day begins just like any other day but ends with a warm feeling reminding you that God has given you a special gift and you are indeed using it. Now I’m not rightly sure what to call this gift, but seems I’ve had it all my life. I like to call it the gift of listening.

Don’t get me wrong-the older I get the more I find I don’t listen to the little nit picky things things that are said, but apparently I appear to be listening because lots of people seem to enjoy bending my ear and I feel honored to have my ear bent.

Just Thursday at the Farmer’s Market, a regular customer whom I’ll call Mr. F dropped by, as he does every Thursday. I have watched him for weeks now, and he has several of us vendors that he prefers and he spends quite a bit of time with each of us. By ‘quite a bit of time’ I mean up to if not longer than 30 minutes. He stopped by my booth, asked a couple questions, realized he didn’t have something he brought me (a list of ingredients for an arthritis salve) so off he went to get that and visit his other ‘friends’. Eventually he returned and as always he bought something-then he talked. He shared about his children and their personalities, how they were good kids but didn’t have any ambition to speak of. He seemed to need to unload so I let him, after all I wasn’t going anywhere.

After he had visited he says to me:" you know, I don’t know much about you, but I find you to be a good person and I know I sure enjoy talking to you" I smiled and thanked him and after he thanked me for allowing him to vent, he was off with the promise to see me next week.

Friday was another one of those days-I learned my son had gotten bailed out of jail. Maybe just temporarily, but he was out to work, to enjoy freedom, to see about clearing some of the charges against him and Ana informed me and her paw that she just didn’t believe she would move to her dad’s because she couldn’t leave her friends and me and paw!!! Thank you, sweet Jesus, I didn’t want her to go!

I also enjoyed a brief chat with the pastor when I walked over to thank him for picking up the toys and the hose from his yard before they left and I got to that part to mow. They are good folks, young, and nerdy, but they mean well and they are truly wanting to do what God calls them to do. We just give them a hard time-well some of us do anyway.

Today, the girls had appointments to get their hair cut. That took over 3 hours but I have two very happy girls with their new do’s and therefore, maw is happy. Then we came back and helped paw split some wood for the winter with the wood splitter. I managed the lever that made the splitter work, the girls moved the split wood to a pile and kept the big pieces rolled over to paw. We might have to ‘drag’ them out to work, but once you get them there they work their little hineys off–well their hiney’s aren’t really little, but you get the idea. 😀

I cooked out my muscadines and have them setting in the water till tomorrow, fixed the girls some late lunch/early supper, washed a million dishes, ordered herbs and painted fingernails. I have 2 pans of pears of peel some time in the future, church tomorrow, a trip to Jackson with Paw Monday to see about his eye, (prayers appreciated) and Farmer’s Marktet Tuesday. Oh yeah, and we go to the nursing home after church tomorrow. I’ll get those pears Wednesday. They will keep till then I am sure.

But I didn’t start writing to list out all I’ve done and all I have to do. I started writing to express my total gratitude for the life I have, the grandchildren I have and the blessings that enter my life daily. I had such a good time visiting with the lady who cuts their hair. I had a phone call from a customer asking about a particular jelly and even though she had to remind me who she was-we had a pleasant visit. She asked about my husband, she wished me a good day and such as that simply warms my heart.

I was pondering that and the attitudes of some people I know and realized that some people simply are never satisfied. They want it all. They want it their way. If they can’t have it all and their way then they will do everything they can to make everyone around them miserable. They will nit pick on everyone that doesn’t fit into their little capsule and in the process they are robbing their own soul of the joy of feeling blessed, of the contentment of living their OWN life before the Lord and letting everyone else do the same.

Thank you, Lord that I am who am I. Help me Lord to become an even better ME.

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