Spiritual connections?

For over 20 years I’ve attended al-anon. So has hubby. When the girls were young, especially Ana, and need be she went with us. Sometimes even when it wasn’t a need be situation. Once when she was still a young toddler she asked me if she could chair al-anon meetings when she grew up like I did. I told her she could at which point she asked what did one do to chair a meeting anyway? 😀
Anyway, as she’s grown older and the problems in her life have multiplies-friends, family, etc-she has continued to attend with me. I often thought she went more for the meal prior to the meeting plus whatever she could find for me to buy her at walmart than the good she might get from the meeting. But I never questioned her.
She’s grown to know and love the women there and one especially. A young divorcee/retired military school teacher, specializing in special education. But around April, M stopped coming. Later I saw FB posts from her showing she was in California, but I never asked the reason. I simply assumed she had decided to pull up roots and move. And life went on, and I skipped a lot of meetings due to exhaustion from Farmer’s Markets and the work that goes into getting ready for one.
Last week Ana informed me that we really needed to go to alanon. To give her a thumbs up, she had asked various times through the summer if we were going to which I would reply no, not tonight. But this time I asked her why and she said she really needed to go, that she got a lot out of the meetings. So I promised her we would go, and we did–just she and I.
We hadn’t been in the coffee room long, catching up with all the latest when the door opened and in walked M. I thought Ana would wet herself she was so excited. Come to find out, M had returned the past Tuesday, the night Ana was wanting to go and I put her off. I felt that this was an awesome sign–showing a real connection between Ana and M. It really felt as though she knew within herself somewhere that M would be there, that she had returned and she needed to see her!

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