On bread and grands

It has been an amazing day. I talked with my sister, which is, at best, a practice in patience. The phone calls or visits always go something like this:

Ring ring-says my phone

Pulling it from it’s case I see its my sister and I wonder-what now. I reluctantly answer.

Sis-Hi, sis, how ya’ll doing. Hadn’t talked with you in a while and had to call and check on you.

Me-we’re doing good. Staying busy.

Sis-that’s good. Now let me tell you about Hannah (her daughter) and after an endless amount of time, it’s let me tell you about Holly (the other daughter)

It’s ironic in many ways. My sis has two daughters much like my daughter’s daughters. One high intelligence and a great personality, the other intellectually challenged with other learning and emotion/mental disorders. It has been a trip to her challenged child to the point of 12th grade. So we talk a while about that, about what route Hannah took to graduate, how much book work that involves and how she likes it. I need to know these because my Shan will be at the point of choice at the end of this school year-academic diploma (which I think is an impossibility) or occupational diploma.

Anyway-I found out what I needed to know, listened to a lot of other stuff about Holly and finally said I had to take bread out of the over so had to go. It was really muffins, but still I needed two hands.

Then a friend of a friend called-this friend of a friend we’ll call LA, has in the past worked with the school system specifically with SPED children and has SPED kids of her own. She’s giving me some good hints, some names and some direction on which way to go in order to make sure Shan has the help she needs since she’s basically failing her Special Ed class and sho nuff failing the science and social studies. So got that info.

Then my Pat comes to help/watch and learn how to make bread. I make a good loaf of Jalapeno Cheddar bread and her daughter and hubby love that sort of thing. She wants to carry them some as well as some sourdough bread when she visits them next week. So, we get started on bread making 101. We make me a double loaf of the cheesy, peppery stuff and make her a single loaf which is what the recipe calls for. In between rising and making and baking, we visit and catch up since we’ve not had much time together this summer, and I make brownie muffins. I’ve already made oat bran fig muffins.

Several times she thanks me for letting her come and learn and I honestly say to her that I am so glad she allowed me to teach her what I know-which truly isn’t much. I’m learning myself, but I have made bread off and on for a lot of years and she had never made any. It was a fun time. It was a time of bonding, a time of learning more about each other and just very special to me.

I don’t feel as though I have many really CLOSE friends. Oh I have plenty of friends, and I love them all and I enjoy their company-but this lady is a treat to be around and teaches me so much. I love her dearly and we spend hours together and never talk about anybody but ourselves. Imagine that!!!!!!!

I also got in touch with the principal at Shan’s school and set up an appointment with her for tomorrow after the Farmer’s Market. I’m anxious to see how that goes. I think we really need to get Shandi started on a more occupational direction rather than an academic direction. She struggles so with school work. I asked her this evening how she felt about herself. She shared how she knew she couldn’t learn like other people and because of that she was disappointed and sad and felt stupid. It’s hard to help a child understand that regardless of how they learn, they are special, important and just as good as the next kid on the block or in the next desk. I’m not sure she believes me but I give it my shot.

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