Small Town Tragedies

Small town tragedies
Less than a week ago a tornado hit the outskirts of our neighboring town wrecking havoc. Lives lost, homes destroyed, business torn apart. Driving through there on Thursday as we went to the coast brought back visions of the coast following Katrina. Tin tossed into what remained of tree tops, notices on Facebook of pictures found on the other side of town, photos of the young girl who lost her life, leaving behind a young son and a grieving husband. These are images one shouldn’t have to see around the holidays, especially Christmas–that time of year we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, that time of year of giving and putting others first.
Then last night the prayer chain request came through-a young life had been snuffed out. Age 15, the son of a mother who had lost her life just a few years back in a fatal car accident. This young boy was visiting a friend, they were looking at a pistol when it went off taking Devin’s life. So young, yet gone. I think of his grandparents who were raising him, his twin brother and older sister. There was an older brother but I believe he was grown already. Grandparents who had already laid to rest their only daughter.
My own granddaughters grief stricken, trying to make sense of it all. We stood tonight in the circle of people gather at our local school for a vigil in honor of Devin. I heard the prayers for peace, for understanding, for comfort. I wondered where would that come from for these young people who are struggling with accepting the loss of a friend along with their own identities and purpose in life. I listened as young men, 15 or so years old, stepped forward and expressed their loss, their love for this young man gone from us and offered up their thoughts on why and how God allowed this to happen. I heard the grief take over as one young man broke down and cried–yes under the cloak of darkness but exposed yet by his voice and still not concerned about what others thought. Awesome! Being able to express their thoughts and grief during such a time will go far in helping them heal.
May God be with them all. May God be with us all.

Just a few of my lives

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while now but have been so busy. The other day I was thinking about a brother/sister duo who sell at the Farmer’s Market and wondered what they did before FMs. Then I wondered what many others who come weekly to sell their wares did in their ‘other life’ . That led me to consider the many lives I have now led-and this just since adulthood. I’ve worked in a garment factory putting the collars on the suit for Haspel Brothers–to my knowledge a ‘now defunct’ company. Then my hubby wanted me to quit and be home so when he was home from his offshore job we could rack the roads or just do whatever we wanted to do-so I did. BUT, I began sewing while he was gone and sold my wares at the local mom n pop store. Then I bought us a store and we ran that for a year, a year that almost ruined us.
After the store fiasco, I once again began to find me something to do and ended up doing wood work for around 10 years until we opened our greenhouse nursery business. For about 20 years, I was a nursery owner/worker.
Of course all good things must come to an end, and the nursery business did when I developed a lung bacteria along with the COPD I had from smoking. The bacteria I picked up working in the dirt and nursery environment, and after 3 years of trying to be stubborn I had to close the business down. So now, I am a Farmer’s Market vendor, selling jellies, oils, salves, bread, and the most awesome cinnamon/sticky buns that ever crossed the lips of mankind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I may exaggerate, but they sure are good.
So my goal now is to discover to what my FM friends did in their other life! 😀