A Special Type of person

And not in a good way!!! During the wee hours of the morning the alarm went off at our small country school here in Walthall County, Ms. Some young fool had managed to break in and set a few fires. Some young fool (possibly the same one who did such ridiculousness) had stated at school yesterday that he wanted to burn the place down. Some young fool will be deeply regretting his/her actions for the rest of their life. Setting fire to a school not only involved the local law, but the FBI. Lawdy have mercy!!!

Our youth are experiencing far too much in their young lives. They have faced the death of 2 teachers from natural causes, a young female teacher having sex with teen boys, deaths from wrecks, just recently the loss of a friend when his twin brother accidentally shot him, and now this-someone trying to burn the school down.

These incidents are tremendous stressors in their life. Then you add to that the fact that about half of them, at least, have family issues at home, plus it’s just hard being a kid –fitting in, finding your place, dealing with insecurities, raging hormones, and all the other stuff kids deal with just because they are kids.

Mercy me.


T and I went to Vicksburg on Sunday, Dec. 31. We stayed overnight, got up Monday, shopped around and came home. Tuesday we got up and as we were cooking breakfast Shandi came in. She sat at the bar and Paw walked over to hug her and she (being Shandi) pushed him away. He went off on her telling her if she couldn’t change her attitude she could go back up the hill-he was going to leave. And he did. He finished frying the eggs and got his jacket and left, like a spoiled child. Given his truck is broken down and funds are tight and we are concerned about $ to fix it. True, he has health issues and at our age we really shouldn’t be raising younguns, but they are good kids.
Stacie of course is being Stacie. Sleeps all day, stays up all night, Acts weird when she comes around, like she’s on something. Tries to make the girls love her and socialize with her.
She went with Ana and I on Friday, Jan. 2 to Ana’s eval in Hattiesburg, she slouched in the chair while we waited, looking like a beached whale. She complained about the shopping Ana wanted to do and whined because she had to pay bills and so couldn’t buy her some shoes, all the while wearing a nice pair of high tops that she claimed were too big and that was why she was dragging her feet. Then she slept all the way home.
After we dropped her off at her house Ana says, “We just can’t take her anywhere, can we, Maw?”
Then on Friday evening we discovered her man friends truck hidden behind my grandma’s old house. This same man with whom she was with the days prior to her arrest. This same man who used to come out and bed her and her friend, Chantel. This same man who didn’t even ask about her while she was in jail and sick following that time. Hiding, as if we didn’t know whose truck it was. It isn’t the first time either.
Sunday, 4th of Jan, she comes down for breakfast, the first time in months. Before leaving she asked if she could have a few for later. As she gathered up her stuff I said, “Tell Bruce I hope he enjoys his pancakes.” Then I told her we knew he was there and that with all her bragging on taking care of her aging parents, the least she could do would be to not lie to them.

Alcohol needed


                                   I make herbal tinctures and oils. Oils are herbs steeped in either Sunflower, Olive or other oil and tinctures are steeped in at least 80 proof alcohol. I also make jellies. Last week I bought the utility shelf seen in the background to put my inventory of jellies on. I had Shandi and Ana help me put it together (at least the bottom part). As we were working on figuring it out Ana says, “Maw, did you have to have the alcohol to put it together?”

For a moment I didn’t know what she meant, then I noticed I had left the bottle of vodka and oil sitting on the table from my last herbing.

Love that young’un.