A Special Type of person

And not in a good way!!! During the wee hours of the morning the alarm went off at our small country school here in Walthall County, Ms. Some young fool had managed to break in and set a few fires. Some young fool (possibly the same one who did such ridiculousness) had stated at school yesterday that he wanted to burn the place down. Some young fool will be deeply regretting his/her actions for the rest of their life. Setting fire to a school not only involved the local law, but the FBI. Lawdy have mercy!!!

Our youth are experiencing far too much in their young lives. They have faced the death of 2 teachers from natural causes, a young female teacher having sex with teen boys, deaths from wrecks, just recently the loss of a friend when his twin brother accidentally shot him, and now this-someone trying to burn the school down.

These incidents are tremendous stressors in their life. Then you add to that the fact that about half of them, at least, have family issues at home, plus it’s just hard being a kid –fitting in, finding your place, dealing with insecurities, raging hormones, and all the other stuff kids deal with just because they are kids.

Mercy me.

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