Fred’s didn’t have a good day

Yesterday evening I was NOT nice at Fred’s. I don’t use them personally. I moved my meds a long time because they always, and I mean always take 1-2 hours to fill a script. They claim they are so backed up all the time when what they do is take all their call ins and computer refills first and ignore and make wait the customers in the flesh standing in the store waiting on meds. I’ve waited over an hour so sick I couldn’t hold my head up.

But, Shandi was sick and Stacie made her an appointment at 3:30 and herself one at 4. So, knowing Stacie used Fred’s I didn’t have Shandi’s meds sent to my store, Brumfields. Well, Stacie ended up not seeing the doc, they changed doctors on her and I told her to not see the one they had her seeing because he is truly an ass. So here we go to Fred’s. We are ignored for about 3 minutes while the 2 window workers walk back and forth and stare at us like we are a nuisance. Then finally the older one walks up to the counter and just stands there. When she didn’t speak I said, “I’m checking on a script for Shandi Rogers that was sent over from Dr. Begum’s. ” When was it sent she asked. I said a little while ago. “Then it probably isn’t here. ” was her reply. Another girl checks and says, “yes, it’s here” Then they consult and determine it will be 1 1/2 hours before it’s filled.
Me: That’s ridiculous.
She: Well it’s the first of the month and
Me: that doens’t matter. I’ve used Brumfields for over a year and I never waited over 20 minutes regardless of the time of the month.
She: then take it to Brumfield’s
Me: I would if you didn’t have my prescript. I’m not standing waiting for a damn hour and a half when you could fill that script in 5 minutes.
She: you don’t have to get ugly with me
Me: and ya’ll don’t have to drag ass around filling prescripts
She: I don’t deserve this
Me: I don’t either nor do any of these other poor people who are standing around waiting their hour and a half for a script you could fill in a minute and out I walked.

We ended up driving home and coming back an hour and a half later.
I was not the only one who had problems there today. An acquaintance was told it would be 1 1/2 hours and before she could drive to the Post Office, less than 5 minutes they called with her script filled. When she returned to pick it up the lady at the window laughed and said, “I didn’t think you were being serious about the necessity of this medicine.” I can imagine I know the employee who said that, the same one who acts holier than thou and never, ever acknowledges the customer or acts as though she wants the customer there. Such is life. Customer service is taking a serious nose dive in so many of our stores.

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