ECL mix

Today I simmered down some elderberries, ginger and cloves. Once it had simmered I turned the heat off and allowed them to cool down.

In the meantime, I had strained out the lung tincture. It is a simple combination of licorice, echinacea, elecampane, mullein, ginger and cinnamon. I had covered that with vodka and allowed it to steep for about 2 months. Once I strained it, I added honey to soften the harshness of the vodka and herbs.

My elderberry syrup had cooled down enough to strain and to that I added a couple of cups of local honey, mixed it really well and added it to the Lung tincture. I had about 6 cups of elderberry and 4 cups of tincture. Mixed together this way provides me with a well rounded herbal decoction which calms my dry cough and helps to nourish my damaged lungs.

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