Change is in the air

Why did I hear the tone of the phone alerting me to a new message at 1AM Sunday morning? Normally, I sleep through such minor noises. Nope, not this one. It was Ana. Needing us to come get her. Seems dad was going nuts and she was scared and wanted to get out of there. What about Shandi, I asked, but Shan wasn’t affected by the fits and screaming and doors being punched for 3 hours.
Quickly figuring the time frame, I asked this child of mine if she thought–mind you–THOUGHT she could hang on till after 11 in the morning. That would allow her paw some sleep time (he was not having a good night); I could teach my SS class, and then we’d head out for her. She wanted to know what if he started yelling at her. We talked and she decided she could manage, so I went back to sleep, finally.
Just before my Sunday School was over she text to say that dad had calmed down and she would try to stay and work it out. I knew Roy had convinced her in some way to not leave.
So-fine, I go on and start work on my sourdough bread, Terry gathers the cucumbers and begin preparing bread and butter pickles and pickle relish. I worked thru the afternoon and around 4, with all that was left to do on the last batch of pickles was chop the bell peppers when my phone went off again with Ana’s ring tone. I knew it was time to go get her. Sure enough; dad had went crazy (she called it) again, and she was NOT living in that. Come get her now.
So we finish up the peppers, put them in soak, and head off to Bay St. Louis-a 2 hours drive, at least.
Seems Roy had lost his job last week, came in from drinking with the neighbors at 11, and because Shawna (his woman) hadn’t started supper the minute she got in from closing at Walgreens, he through a hissy fit. He screamed, he cussed, he punched holes in the wall, he called Shawna good for nothing and much more and when Ana defended Shawna, he calls Ana a *itch and screams at her. Then again on Sunday evening, the deciding factor was his fit over her riding to a friends house with Shawna.
She cried leaving because she loves Shawna and her daughter, Summer; and she left Shandi down there and they have gotten closer the last few months. I wanted to cry; I wanted her to have a relationship with her father and hoped it would be somewhat normal-not what is going on. Electric being shut off, tvs and computers being pawned to pay bills-yet him screaming that he provides for his kids, yada-yada-yada.
I’m really proud that Terry and I have raised her as much as we have because she KNOWS what is normal, she knows what is right, she knows how people are supposed to treat each other. I’m proud that she stood up to her dad and told him that she would not live in an environment where she didn’t feel safe and his fits caused her to feel unsafe. I believe this says that she won’t tolerate abuse from any man-or I pray this is the case.
Not sure about Shandi. I need to be sure I call her a few times a week and check on her.
It was a tense trip. Roy didn’t want Ana to go. Said he could forbid her to go. Said if I fussed at him he would call the law.
We did talk-he brought up the subject; had to tell me why he felt justified in getting on to Ana. I didn’t touch that with at all; I did tell him that if his temper was affecting jobs, relationships and children, then he best get help; that the shame wasn’t in needing help, but in not getting the help he needed.

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