Most Wanted?

I’m not making the alanon meeting tonight. Long day at the market and a then a ride to Brookhaven -some 75 mile round trip-so I’m sitting this one out.

I came in and swept and mopped though. The dirty floor was driving me nuts. Ana is at her friends, so couldn’t get her to do it.

Terry is over at the shed boiling peanuts and waiting for the election returns to begin to be announced. His boss is up for re-election.

I had a super scare yesterday and I’m not sure I’m totally over it or out of the woods yet. I’m told not to worry…

So…I bag up dried herbs, label and price them for the market. Some I grow and dry, some I order in. Each bag is clearly labeled with what is in it, has my name, address and phone number on it and most have a short suggestion for use. The dried herbs simply say..Mullein, use to infuse in oil for salves, lotions and oils or alcohol for tinctures, or simply make a tea.

Can’t put medical type info on the label as that would put me under the sharp eye of the FDA.
I also have a disclaimer on the table saying I’m not a doctor, can’t prescribe, yadda, yadda, yadda.

A few weeks ago I recall a female buying a bag of dried mullein. She remarked that since it was good for lung problems (shared verbally with her) then she might try smoking it rather than smoking cigarettes. I told her that after buying it she could do what she wanted to with it as far as how she consumed it.

Yesterday I got a phone call from a man asking about this bag of mullein he had in his possession. I asked him how did he get it, thinking that if he bought it then he must simply not remember. But he didn’t say he bought it, just that he had it. He replied to my question with, “It was seized in a (and at that moment I haven’t a clue if he said, raid or traffic stop) I just knew the law was involved.

My first reaction then was “Oh Shit” and I said it outloud. He laughed and said not to worry but the woman had told him she smoked it rather than cigs to which I replied..well, I suppose one could.

He said he simply wanted to know about it, so i explained to him all I knew of it and I told him that I never thought about it being used possibly in any illegal manner.

Again he reassured me that I wasn’t in trouble and said they would have it tested to which I told him that according to the info I had on it, the chemical makeup wasn’t anything that would get a person high; that according to the old herbal books it helped any type of lung condition. He asked if I sold it from my home or did I have a store front to which I answered that I sold at Farmer’s Markets only-which at present is the gospel truth concerning dried herbs. 😀 He thanked me and hung up–but needless to say for a few hours I kept waiting on the Feds to come busting my door down and I still have a smidgen of fear concerning.

In fact, I told Terry that I may not offer dried herbs except to people I know.

The lady over the FM told me not to worry that I wasn’t doing a thing illegal and of course we’ve laughed about it..but if I disappear ya’ll can look for me on the news channel. 😀


I was given a bag of uncleaned beeswax.

I brought it home and put it in a pot and set the pot in another pot of boiling water.

After a while the wax had melted and I strained it into this jug. However, not having read that there was still honey in the wax and it would have to be washed off I realized I needed my wax in a flatter container. As you see, I have layers of honey and wax here since I had two batches of wax I melted.

The internet suggested a cardboard milk carton but not having one I lined a casserole dish with aluminum foil. I re-melted the wax and poured it into this dish. Now once it cools completely I will wash the honey off the bottom and have beeswax for my salves.