Shandi weekend

h my, what a weekend. The good, the bad, the ugly.
Sister, who works hard but still falls on bad times needs a car. Several loaners have fallen through, people needed them, etc; no luck finding one until this week. She called and needed 200.00 to buy a car. An old one, but it ran. I loaned it to her. then the seller backed out, said mama wanted to keep it. She does have prospects for another vehicle so I told her to keep the money and see. My sister always pays back her loans. My brother does not. Roy does not. Stacie does not. Son does not. Ughhhhh!!!!
Roy calls and wants to borrow 40. No son, sorry, that money goes to raise your child.
Ana hears and says–maw when I get a job I’m paying you back everything Roy and Stacie owe you because obviously they aren’t going to take responsibility for me.
I say to her-no ma’am. You grow up and be responsible for self and I’ll be happy, happy.
We pick up Shandi and I’ve never seen those 2 sisters hug and squeeze each other so tight. Shandi has lost her glasses-they blew off riding the motorcycle with dad. They are moving to a lower rent apartment. He’s way behind on bills and such–nothing new for him, but he is working.
Get home and Stacie wants to force Shandi to hug her, she won’t, but does speak nicely to her. She met with her lawyer the other day and the felony charge is not going to be reduced so she will lose any food assistance she has. I told her that she screwed her own self and would just have to find a job and be prepared to pay her fines, her bills and feed herself. Might be the best thing that could ever happen to her.
Dealing with all that and buying a few groceries has wiped me out so I’m heading to bed. Ana, Shandi and Terry are at the school homecoming and ball game. Ana said I couldn’t go. 😀 She said I wasn’t able to go.
Sure do love that child.

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