Doctor visit and Ana Day

Ana being out for the fair this week, she was free to ride with me to the doctor today. We left early and shopped all the way to my appointment–most just looking.
We went to Office Depot, 3 different pet stores and Dirt Cheap–Dirt Cheap being the only place we bought anything. I got Ana a pair of boots (Ugg look a likes) and a pair of shiny pink (bob look-a-likes) for 19.00. She was a happy camper. We went into the Halloween store and had fun looking at all the costumes and decorations. We ate ice cream and a smoothie at Baskin Robbins–then on to the doc.

Well my doc wasn’t happy that I’m still battling breathing issues like I am. When I saw him 2 months ago, he found bronchitis. After that I had an upper respitory thing going. Took meds and have battled it yet again, so he wanted to induce a sputum specimen and if we couldn’t he would scope me. I told him I didn’t have a problem except when he does a culture, the Health Department shuts me down and makes me stay in the house for 2 weeks while they check me for active TB.

He was stunned and asked why. I told him they say that because my diagnosis is Atypical Tuberculosis, then by law it has to be reported to the Health Dept and by law they have to do what they do to me. I told him that I needed to stay going to the market and my bazaars I’ve booked until the 2nd week of December, so reluctantly he agreed. He’s such a sweetheart. He gave me 2 weeks of antibiotic and straightened out my Spireva situation and said that the culture is simply to be sure that my problem is allergy related due to the dryness and pollen aggravating my UR area and not a change in the bacterium I have in my lungs. He said he would hate to be just treating me piece meal when something else was going on..

So I go back the 18th of December and if he can’t induce a sputum culture he will set up a scope date for me and get it that way. šŸ™‚ I’m sure it isn’t anything going on with the bacterium, but would appreciate all the positive thoughts, prayers and energies ya’ll can send my way.

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