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Saw my pulmonologist on Thursday. Was told the biopsy showed my bacterial infection has worsened and I will have to begin a regimen of meds for it, as well as see an infectious disease doctor in Jackson. I was given Avelox and another antibiotic for my nebulizer. I haven’t gotten the neb-med yet, probably in insurance issue, but picked up the Avelox Friday.
I had noticed on Thursday while I was out doing a few things after seeing the doctor that the more I did the weaker I felt. Friday while doing the few errands I had, again, I noticed I was extremely weak. I thought starting the medication would certainly help, as Dr. Mc said that within a few days I would begin to feel better. So Friday evening I took the pill along with a cough pill a bit later.
Saturday, extreme stomach issues requiring extra antacids, still weak and feeling bad.
Sunday, stomach issues better, but much weaker feeling, in spite of 3 meals a day and snacks, and making sure I got up and did things around the house. I even went to the church and did my bookwork there. As long as I do not exert myself, I do ok, but any little bit of effort and I’m trembling and weak and breathless.
Monday, still the same. Coughing much less, but feel no better, still weak and just plain tired of this mess.

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