computer dudes

I will see the NP at the clinic instead of my normal lung doc-but I began Saturday not feeling well, chilled and coughing more. It was worse yesterday-weak feeling, more so than I felt just shopping Saturday, and very little breath due to congestion. So I emailed the office and the nurse called this morning. A church friend is driving me over. I’m to have an x-ray before see the NP.

I ran into town this morning. I had taken the ailing computer into a dude in Tylertown-newly set up shop and wanted to give him a chance. I should have never done that given I knew when I stopped in for a business card that he smoked. IN THE BUSINESS.

Anyway-I did, he replaced the hard drive and when I went to pick it up he says: I found out why your computer was not working. I replaced the HD and it wouldn’t load Windows 7 (which is what was on it) without giving me a processor error, so I loaded XP. I began to question that but he had another customer come in and basically dismissed me with the promise that if it didn’t work right bring her back. I had 30 days. So I paid him 125.00, got the computer and left.

I hated it from the moment it booted up. XP was NEVER good at adjusting the screen settings so an older person could view the icons and text without squinting, a magnifying glass or having the graphics skewed out of shape. I played on it Friday evening, Saturday and part of Sunday. I unplugged it, plugged the little sluggish Acer in and took her back today.

I say to him-I don’t like XP. It isn’t what was on my machine. I can’t stand the warning that XP or Google will soon no longer receive updates. I can’t stand the graphics.

He says: That warning is simply

I interrupted him with: I know what the warning means. I don’t want it on my computer. Is not what was on my computer. If you can’t load 7 like it was it was when I brought it in, then you can removed your hard drive, we can decide on if I owe you anything for trying and you can refund me my money, and I’ll take my piece of junk home. (None of this said ugly or loud.)

He says: Begrudgingly: I will try to load 7.

Grrr…smoking idiots that try to screw women over. I believe he put a used hard drive in because it had everything on it my other one had…office, publisher, chrome, avast. The only thing not on there was the church accounting program. Either that or he claimed to change the HD, but just reloaded the operating system. I don’t know but the processor is working fine. I’m no computer expert but the processor does just what it says–processes. The Acer is slowly and glitchy because it has a low end processor in it.

3/14/16 update

I got things cleared away-laundry going, breakfast, Ana off to school and dishes and settled down to begin crocheting a child’s sweater when my sister called. She wanted to come bring a Premier Jewelry order I had placed with her. I tried to weasle out of the visit, but she, hubby and oldest daughter came and sat for over 2 hours. Stacie-who has a birthday today, stopped by, then phone calls. Still I got past the sleeve openin on the sweater. Yay me.
I feel so much better. Still weak and tire easily but that expected. Pressing slowly forward to better days. Yes, yes, yes!
Then off for haircut for me and Terry and eyebrow wax for Ana. then home. Ana left for a walk and even though she doesn’t/didn’t want Blaise going with her-she walks in the field behind our house, we told her Blaise would scare the snakes away. 😀 :
About 20 minutes later my phone rang and a crying Ana says, Is’t all your fault. I saw a snake. Please have papa come get me and kill the snake.
Papa went, but it was a black runner so he didn’t kill the snake.
Lordy, I just knew something had kidnapped Blaise the way she was crying when she called. 😀 😀 😀
Now, showered, medicated and off to WMU. I wouldn’t go, but a dear friend who attends has been sick as long as I have with pneumonia and other respiatory problems and she’s feeling a bit unloved-as we all do when we have gone through prolonged illness. The new preacher hasn’t even called her to check on her nor has his wife. I can’t imagine why they haven’t and I would be hurt if they had done me that way too. I was fortunate in that preacher’s wife came and even insisted on taking me to town to do errands a while back. Preacher has been in contact cause he has taken my class for me. Don’t know why my little buddy has been so neglected, even by her other ‘close’ (supposedly) friend.

Thursday 3/10/16 update

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I think I’m getting better although some moments I really can’t tell. I got the new med and started it Monday evening. Other than tasting bad (it’s an inhaled antibiotic) and a bit of a headache, no super ill effects.

Ana went to spend a few days with Robby, so Terry and I here alone.

Wednesday, the big noisy computer I’ve used for a long time gave me a hard disk error. Haven’t decided if I will get it repaired or just use this little Acer until I decide to buy me a new one. At least, thank you Jesus, I had everything of importance backed up to jump drive. I think I need to buy me an external hard drive too. Not sure.

I have moments of just wanting to cry. I hope this means that I am going through the changes of getting better since I do feel well enough to WANT to cry. Crazy I know, but it’s where my brain is today. Since I’ve been sick I truly feel that my brain is mush. I don’t spell right, make lots of errors, retype, make mistakes, say things stupid or all wrong. I feel like throwing up my hands at times, but I’ve never been a quitter and I don’t plan to be one now.

Myco-update Sat-Mon

Saturday, March 5,

Felt reasonably well considering how I have felt. I didn’t do much around the house-normal stuff like wash the dishes and a load of clothes. I did the books for the month for the church, carried the checkbook, checks I’d written and receipts to the church, filed those and checked out a few things in the office. In fact I was feeling so much better that I planned to go to church on Sunday-and told a few people.

Talked with Marilyn that night. She and her hubby are still really sick-coughing, fever and such. Marilyn has been to the doctor several times since Christmas with this mess.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Woke up around 5 coughing non-stop. Coughed for about an hour, some productive, some I could feel the gunk clinging to the walls of my lungs, refusing to let go. I also felt physically sick again, so I let those who needed to know that I wouldn’t make church, took all my breathing treatments, put a bite of food in my stomach and took my meds and laid down.

Some days I get so discouraged. It’s March. I should be making plans and lists for what I want to take to the T-town market when it opens, hopefully mid April, May at the latest. I should finish cleaning the store so I can get all the jellies and other canned items up there before it gets hot. I can barely manage to wash the dishes and keep the clothes clean, and cook very little, if any. I wonder if this is my new way of life. Is this the beginning of the end? I know God will carry me through whatever I have to face, and most of the time I am confident and secure in that. But some days I just get scared.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Wow, I felt much better when I woke up this morning. Still have that upper, rattley cough, still get tired easily, but I did feel like I might live. Maybe the new med (Doxycycline) is knocking this mess back some. I washed the couch and chair covers, cleaned up the kitchen. I ordered a kit for a child’s cardigan (will try to share the pic later), and started my latest shawl/throw. It’s in shades of purple and is coming along really nicely. The pattern isn’t difficult and it gives me something to do. Doc’s office called after lunch to let me know insurance had approved the Tobramycin (inhaled antibiotic). I called the pharmacy and they will have it in today, March 8. Ana is out of school for spring break, so we will ride down later and get it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Blaise-the pup-woke us at 4:20 needing to go outside and needing to go NOW. I couldn’t get my eyes open, so thankfully Terry heard her and let her out. Of course Ana didn’t hear her, even though Blaise sleeps in her room. Go figure.

Health update..1

Contacted doc with an update on Monday as he told me to do. Heard back that I’m to stop the Avelox and if I’m not any better in a couple of days to call and he may put me in hospital for a few days of IV therapy.

Appointment with ID doctor in Jackson is April 8, with Dr. Webb. My doc was to talk with her , or try, yesterday, to try and get my appointment moved up.

Tuesday morning-still coughing rough when I do cough, and of course that causes breathlessness. Don’t seem to feel as weak, but then haven’t done anything yet either. It’s only 5:38. 😀

Made it through the day on Tuesday, March 1. Drove to town late evening to take pup to vet. Didn’t feel as weak as previous. On way home got call from Health Department. Conversation went like this:

HD: Is this Ms. Reid, Ms. Klara Reid

me: yes

HD: identifying self, informs me my doctor has ordered blood work to rule out TB. They don’t think I have it, but just to rule it out can I come in to Tylertown HD tomorrow for a blood draw. (They didn’t mention the TB skin test)

Me: MY doctor ordered this? (I was puzzled)

HD: yes

Me: Dr. McCollum from Hattiesburg Clinic

HD: No, Dr (I didn’t catch his name but it was not my pulmonologist nor the new doctor I’m to see)

Me: Sure

So I’m to be there at 8 this morning. I do have questions. Why this time do I have to go in. If they are concerned about me being contagious then shouldn’t I stay home and they come to me? Oh well, it is what it is.

Wed, March 2, 2016-Do not feel so well today. The coughing has my back out of whack, more breathless than I have been, just don’t feel well. Let’s see what the day brings.