Health update..1

Contacted doc with an update on Monday as he told me to do. Heard back that I’m to stop the Avelox and if I’m not any better in a couple of days to call and he may put me in hospital for a few days of IV therapy.

Appointment with ID doctor in Jackson is April 8, with Dr. Webb. My doc was to talk with her , or try, yesterday, to try and get my appointment moved up.

Tuesday morning-still coughing rough when I do cough, and of course that causes breathlessness. Don’t seem to feel as weak, but then haven’t done anything yet either. It’s only 5:38. 😀

Made it through the day on Tuesday, March 1. Drove to town late evening to take pup to vet. Didn’t feel as weak as previous. On way home got call from Health Department. Conversation went like this:

HD: Is this Ms. Reid, Ms. Klara Reid

me: yes

HD: identifying self, informs me my doctor has ordered blood work to rule out TB. They don’t think I have it, but just to rule it out can I come in to Tylertown HD tomorrow for a blood draw. (They didn’t mention the TB skin test)

Me: MY doctor ordered this? (I was puzzled)

HD: yes

Me: Dr. McCollum from Hattiesburg Clinic

HD: No, Dr (I didn’t catch his name but it was not my pulmonologist nor the new doctor I’m to see)

Me: Sure

So I’m to be there at 8 this morning. I do have questions. Why this time do I have to go in. If they are concerned about me being contagious then shouldn’t I stay home and they come to me? Oh well, it is what it is.

Wed, March 2, 2016-Do not feel so well today. The coughing has my back out of whack, more breathless than I have been, just don’t feel well. Let’s see what the day brings.

2 thoughts on “Health update..1

  1. Klara, I am hoping the cultures finally determine a good treatment for you. Please let us know how things are progressing. How is Blaise? Love, Rita

    Rita’s iPad


  2. Thanks, Rita. Normal treatment seems to be out of the question for me due to my inability to tolerate certain type medications. 😦 We are hoping the Infectious Disease doc will be able to treat me in some manner I can tolerate. Love ya.

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