Thursday 3/10/16 update

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I think I’m getting better although some moments I really can’t tell. I got the new med and started it Monday evening. Other than tasting bad (it’s an inhaled antibiotic) and a bit of a headache, no super ill effects.

Ana went to spend a few days with Robby, so Terry and I here alone.

Wednesday, the big noisy computer I’ve used for a long time gave me a hard disk error. Haven’t decided if I will get it repaired or just use this little Acer until I decide to buy me a new one. At least, thank you Jesus, I had everything of importance backed up to jump drive. I think I need to buy me an external hard drive too. Not sure.

I have moments of just wanting to cry. I hope this means that I am going through the changes of getting better since I do feel well enough to WANT to cry. Crazy I know, but it’s where my brain is today. Since I’ve been sick I truly feel that my brain is mush. I don’t spell right, make lots of errors, retype, make mistakes, say things stupid or all wrong. I feel like throwing up my hands at times, but I’ve never been a quitter and I don’t plan to be one now.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 3/10/16 update

  1. Sorry about your computer woes, Klara. I have days where I feel like crying, too, but try to pull out of it. I don’t want to worry Linda. The weatheris depressing, but I am going to practice smiling and fake my brain into thinking that I feel great. Smile. My brain was mush on all the meds. They are less now, and I feel more alert. Hang in there, my friend. Wishing you a good day. Love, Rita

    Rita’s iPad


  2. Thanks, Rita. I hate your in the throes of recovery, but it’s nice to be throes with someone who understands. 😀 I crochet all day. I’m close to finishing a pretty shawl done in purples. It keeps my mind occupied and I really enjoy doing it.

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