3/14/16 update

I got things cleared away-laundry going, breakfast, Ana off to school and dishes and settled down to begin crocheting a child’s sweater when my sister called. She wanted to come bring a Premier Jewelry order I had placed with her. I tried to weasle out of the visit, but she, hubby and oldest daughter came and sat for over 2 hours. Stacie-who has a birthday today, stopped by, then phone calls. Still I got past the sleeve openin on the sweater. Yay me.
I feel so much better. Still weak and tire easily but that expected. Pressing slowly forward to better days. Yes, yes, yes!
Then off for haircut for me and Terry and eyebrow wax for Ana. then home. Ana left for a walk and even though she doesn’t/didn’t want Blaise going with her-she walks in the field behind our house, we told her Blaise would scare the snakes away. πŸ˜€ :
About 20 minutes later my phone rang and a crying Ana says, Is’t all your fault. I saw a snake. Please have papa come get me and kill the snake.
Papa went, but it was a black runner so he didn’t kill the snake.
Lordy, I just knew something had kidnapped Blaise the way she was crying when she called. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
Now, showered, medicated and off to WMU. I wouldn’t go, but a dear friend who attends has been sick as long as I have with pneumonia and other respiatory problems and she’s feeling a bit unloved-as we all do when we have gone through prolonged illness. The new preacher hasn’t even called her to check on her nor has his wife. I can’t imagine why they haven’t and I would be hurt if they had done me that way too. I was fortunate in that preacher’s wife came and even insisted on taking me to town to do errands a while back. Preacher has been in contact cause he has taken my class for me. Don’t know why my little buddy has been so neglected, even by her other ‘close’ (supposedly) friend.

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