computer dudes

I will see the NP at the clinic instead of my normal lung doc-but I began Saturday not feeling well, chilled and coughing more. It was worse yesterday-weak feeling, more so than I felt just shopping Saturday, and very little breath due to congestion. So I emailed the office and the nurse called this morning. A church friend is driving me over. I’m to have an x-ray before see the NP.

I ran into town this morning. I had taken the ailing computer into a dude in Tylertown-newly set up shop and wanted to give him a chance. I should have never done that given I knew when I stopped in for a business card that he smoked. IN THE BUSINESS.

Anyway-I did, he replaced the hard drive and when I went to pick it up he says: I found out why your computer was not working. I replaced the HD and it wouldn’t load Windows 7 (which is what was on it) without giving me a processor error, so I loaded XP. I began to question that but he had another customer come in and basically dismissed me with the promise that if it didn’t work right bring her back. I had 30 days. So I paid him 125.00, got the computer and left.

I hated it from the moment it booted up. XP was NEVER good at adjusting the screen settings so an older person could view the icons and text without squinting, a magnifying glass or having the graphics skewed out of shape. I played on it Friday evening, Saturday and part of Sunday. I unplugged it, plugged the little sluggish Acer in and took her back today.

I say to him-I don’t like XP. It isn’t what was on my machine. I can’t stand the warning that XP or Google will soon no longer receive updates. I can’t stand the graphics.

He says: That warning is simply

I interrupted him with: I know what the warning means. I don’t want it on my computer. Is not what was on my computer. If you can’t load 7 like it was it was when I brought it in, then you can removed your hard drive, we can decide on if I owe you anything for trying and you can refund me my money, and I’ll take my piece of junk home. (None of this said ugly or loud.)

He says: Begrudgingly: I will try to load 7.

Grrr…smoking idiots that try to screw women over. I believe he put a used hard drive in because it had everything on it my other one had…office, publisher, chrome, avast. The only thing not on there was the church accounting program. Either that or he claimed to change the HD, but just reloaded the operating system. I don’t know but the processor is working fine. I’m no computer expert but the processor does just what it says–processes. The Acer is slowly and glitchy because it has a low end processor in it.

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