New meds

First, I got my new breathing meds -same thing I was using but for the nebulizer. I used them and there is/was such a difference in my ability to breathe I was so encouraged. I felt as though with these treatments I could slowly begin to do more around the house because I would have the breath to do so. Not only that but I would feel up to going to church.

And then:

Late yesterday, around 4 I called Infusion Solutions (where my med comes from) to be sure they were sending me a new supply since I had used my last bottle. I was assured they were working on it.
Around 6:30 the courier called to confirm they were on the way and would arrive around 8. At 7:50 one of the Home Health nurses called—not mine, she is being promoted to the office, but I know this girl’s family well. She wanted to know if the meds had arrived and finding out they hadn’t, she said to call her as soon as they arrived as she was sitting on go to come. I asked her why she was coming over that I had already taken my med for the day at which time she informed me that the doctors had added 2 new IV meds.
Whew! Ok!
Thank God Ana was home. Terry was at the ‘shed’ and well deserved the night with his friends as he had been by my side all week except for work. Although Ana was napping, I quickly went and woke her so she could accept the med if it arrived before I was done with my bath, and I was determined to bathe just in case either of these meds sent me back to the hospital. 😀
So-meds arrive, Nurse Heather arrives, and these 2 meds are every 6 hours-fine-EXCEPT one of them isn’t an easy flow bottle (or whatever they call the self-contained ones) it is a hang and drip and instead of 30 minutes it is an hour long. Now HOW am I going to manage the Farmer’s Market with this thing hanging for an hour? I could manage the easy flow one as that just sticks in your pocket, I can even do them myself now that Heather has given me an extension to one of my outlets.
Well, fear set in over possible reactions so I hit my prayer chain folks and they started praying and Heather started hooking me up. The 30 minute one did fine, the hour long one cause some shortness of breath and a (don’t feel good) feeling, but initially that was all. Heather left and as I got up to head to bed the nausea hit and I really thought I would end up puking but I managed to get into bed and finally that subsided.
Ana woke me at 3 AM (love that youngun) and we begin the routine again-this time the hour long med (haven’t learned their names yet) started me feeling nauseous by about the 40 minute mark and it got worse. It eventually got so bad that I had the saliava (how is salava spelled?) backing up in my throat but thankfully no throwing up. We have to seriously talk about this one.
Anyway, even when I woke up I still feel sickish.

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