church stuff

Hubby got the church mowing bid this year-he didn’t last year as the grandson of a friend of ours bid on it- a very low bid to ‘save’ the church some money.
One man is the head of grounds. He will be called HoG-he is the one to tell hubby when the yard needs mowing. Certain ones don’t want it mowed when it looks bad because that might mean mowing every week at 130.00 a mowing for a yard that’s at least an acre, maybe more. It takes 4 hours to mow with a 54", 26 HP Zero turn mower.
Since March, where we had an early warm up and wild flowers began to bloom the HoG has told hubby to wait-CoD (Chairman of Deacons) says lets wait another week. When he finally mowed it right before Easter it was so bad in places that it choked the mower down.
2 weeks later hubby asked HoG about the yard and HoG said that CoD said no, it didn’t need mowing. Hubby went to CoD and told him he’d have to rebid the yard because he wasn’t going to tear his mower up mowing that huge thick yard every 3 to 4 weeks.
So-Friday HoG’s wife text me to write a check to a lawnmowing service that is local. So I knew who mowed it this time-over 3 weeks after the 1st mowing.
Secretary came over to bring me the bills yesterday and we were talking and she mentioned that HoG had told preacher’s wife that she could mow the yard every OTHER week if she wanted to.
That upset me because I truly thought the HoG and his wife were good friends of ours. To me good friends would stand up for each other. I thought if it’s OK for the preacher’s wife to mow on a twice a month basis, why couldn’t hubby. Why did he have to be yanked around like a yo-yo? True the preacher’s wife quit her job when they took our church field, but the preacher kept his banking job as a loan officer so we know he makes reasonably good money.
I honestly didn’t want hubby taking the bid but he likes to have the extra pocket money. It’s such a hassle to mow it around the rains when it has to mowed after Wednesday and before Sunday and mow when others think it’s time and listen to even more complain about how scraggly it looks.
Anyway-I told CoD’s wife what hubby had been told and she said her husband had nothing to do with the mowing and never told the HoG when to have it mowed or when not to have it mowed. I think hubby and CoD will talk today. It might cause a huge ripple in the church. HoG might deny ever saying that, but right is right.
Lord, I sometimes think if I can just hold on until I can get medicare and I don’t need this part time to qualify for working disability, then they can have my job of treasurer and I won’t feel obligated to smile when I feel I’ve (or we’ve) been stabbed in the back.
I told hubby that with all this health stuff going on, I did not need a bunch of turmoil anywhere else in my life-
Ok, don’t whining. 🙂 And that my dear Rita, IS whining.

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