yet again another change

H’burg doc’s office called yesterday. Said my trough was low re: the Amikacin. Said between McCollum and Webb (Jackson doc) they were stopping even the Amikacin until the (I thought she said Isotopes) comes back and that could take a week or two. They may even pull the pic until they determine what they will do with me. They don’t want to give me JUST Amikacin because this bug requires 2 IV antibiotics and taking Amikacin alone could cause the bug to become resistant. If I become too sick before we get that test back, then I’m to call H’burg and go back into the hospital and they will try my Amikacin with something that began with a B-don’t know why they can’t do that now but I was so discouraged I didn’t ask.

I keep thinking if I’m not being treated how will ever have enough breath to do the FM when it opens in May. Right now I feel fine, as long as I am sitting on that couch and not moving a lot. I do my 3 breathing treatments soon after coffee and can move around slowly without extreme huffing and puffing. By noon-if I’ve not moved around a lot, it’s another neb treatment to even be able to go to the sink and I have a small house. Then around 5-6, it’s the evening treatment consisting of 2 meds and I’m good for a bath without thinking I will pass out.

I honestly don’t know about oxygen. I had it in the hospital and while I slept better, I didn’t have any more walking air.

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