that’s my life

Ahh, the days get away from us easily. Friday I went to town and shopped, ran into the cell phone store with the idea of getting a new phone but the dude was a bit sassy so I left without one. Mine has to be charged twice daily now and is slow to open up and respond.
I think I also made jelly–about 5 different batches. I had 2 honeysuckle ones to make, 2 pints for a friend, which is a making, and then a batch of half pints for market. I made some honey bourbon jalapeno jam and some pepper jelly–the honey bourbon jam takes a pint of my honey bourbon jalapenos, the pepper jelly uses some type of chili pepper; whatever type I can find. I had some called chili pepper in the freezer so used it.
Saturday I made some cayenne jelly, then worked in the little shed some, gathered some dew berries and rested on the porch while Ana cleaned the house. Terry went fishing and Ana and I went up to the restaurant about 3 miles from us; she ate a shrimp po-boy and I got a shrimp salad. I didn’t do much else when we got home other than rest. I haven’t felt the best the last couple of days–
All night I drank water and peed-I’d sleep a couple hours, wake up thirsty, drink water, get up and pee and go back to sleep.
I got up around 6 this morning, fixed some pancakes and stirred up the sourdough bread. It will rise while we’re at church. When I come in I have a sour dough parmesan rosemary bread I want to try. I have an extra jar of started that I started a couple of weeks ago. I’d have stirred it up to rise while we’re at church but it says it only takes it an hour or so to rise.
Ana plans to cook shrimp in vodka sauce this evening. I need to run into T-town for a few things to make bread with tomorrow…I forgot a few items on Friday and then ran across a recipe I want to try which calls for some items I don’t have.
Anyway, that’s my life.

2 thoughts on “that’s my life

  1. Busy Klara…all of those jellies are so interesting…do you make up your own recipes ? I wouldn’t kniw where to start…just preparing the juice, I guess…
    Sounds like you are getting dehydrated ….must be a fever …
    take it slow, Klara…..

  2. I don’t make up recipes, usually, Rita. I have taken one for one fruit or flower and used it for something else.;.or like with the honey bourbon jalapeno jelly, U used the sure jell recipe, but used those particular peppers keeping the amount of liquid the same.
    I’m trying to take it slow. 😀

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