Medical update….

Talked with the ENT today, he says that while my symptoms can be indicative of Meniere’s disease, the details don’t match. He does not believe that is my issue. Thank you, Lord.
However, (there is always an however or but) it is very possibly the amaikacin I am taking. I took a hearing test and my hearing is worse than it was in August when I had the test then prior or just after starting the amaikacin. He says it isn’t BAD, but it is worse than previous test showed. He ordered a balance test done which will be on Nov. 11. I hate those. Ugh!!!!!
We did talk some about the amaikacin and it’s permanent effect on hearing, but not in depth.
My friend and I left, made a stop by the Corner Market which is a grocery store that carries more of the unusual stuff than our locals and even Walmart…I found some rye flour, which is great since I had a lady asking for rye bread. I found some potato flour….I have a bread recipe that calls for that, and I found gluten which will allow me to use regular plain flour rather than having to buy bread flour. We can get 25 lb bags of plain flour in Hattiesburg, and I have several friends who go there frequently, not to mention my trips. The only place close by for 25 lbs of bread flour is Jackson and we seldom go there. Then we drove on to Columbia, about a 30 minute drive and stopped at a new restaurant for lunch–a place called Stacy’s Skillet. ((Hmmm)) It was very good. As we walked out the ENT nurse called wanting to know the name of the doctor who prescribed the daily antibiotics. I gave them the info and we came on home as my HH nurse was due here at 2:30.
When she arrived I told her about my visit so she draws blood for the trough on Amaikacin, then calls my pulmonary doc to inquire as to whether I take the Amaikacin today or no. As of now there is a hold on it…I won’t take it until I hear from my pulmonary doctor. I will still continue to Zithromycin until told otherwise.
Always something.
He did prescribe Zoloft for the constant ringing in my ears. He gaveme 50 mg of it which will probably knock me on my butt. I’m not starting it tonight, but will start it tomorrow night and will at least half it to begin with. Since I didn’t take the Amaikacin this evening, the ringing isn’t as loud so maybe by not taking it that issue will lighten up. It had gotten to the point it was affecting my mood and nervous system…making me want to scream and be bitchy.
So here we are…

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