Clean up woes

So hubby bought me this wonderful Kitchen Aid mixer a few years back to help with bread making. It works great and I love it but bread dough isn’t easy to clean up.

I normally use a scrubber sponge like this, but dough sticks to it and isn’t easy to clean up. So.

I discovered this brush worked great. BUT the next week the dough that wouldn’t wash out of it was cement hard. Enter glass of water to soak brush in after washing all the dough out I possibly could.
But today, just 5 days after making bread, I’m cleaning the mixer bowl and smell this awful smell. I’d just put a batch of dough in the bread machine to knead, while I used the mixer for another batch…so I check bread machine thinking some crumbs are burning. That isn’t it. Heater is running, so I check that. Nope.
Then as I pick up my soaking glass to wash it the odor hits me in the face. Ugh. All that dough gunk has fermented. Enter baking sofa and hot water to soak away that smell.

In the meantime, I’ve learned this fat spatula, that I hated before bread making works good to clean out those bits of dough. Point: never too old to make mistakes and learn from them
Old age makes one slightly retarded. 😄😜

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