insurance/medical woes

As of Jan. 1, Medicare was my primary insurance. All the paperwork I had received said they would sign me up for drug coverage, and I’d pay the Part B part. While everyone else I spoke with had a 109. 00 or so monthly premium for Part B, mine was 134.00 which they pulled from my lil ol 400.00 SS check.

Thankfully I had a 2nd part time job I had just gotten.

So, I gather all my stuff-info on the new job, proof of the insurance payment, wrote a letter to my Medicaid caseworker and dropped it off. Haven’t heard from that side of the street yet-but SS did put my insurance payment back into my account.

Then I learn that I have no drug coverage until Feb 1 and I have to sign up for it, even though all the paperwork said Medicare would auto enroll me. So I called and got drug coverage so I could continue taking my IV med. They, along with other prescriptions are covered under a transition type insurance—BUT—it won’t cover my vials of breathing treatment that go in the nebulizer. That is covered under Part B and has to be another type pharmacy than my local one.

I’ve emailed my doctor to discuss going back to the handheld puffers-as my drug coverage will cover that and I can get them 3 months at a time for the same co-pay as for a month at the local pharmacy..yes, I now pay a co-pay. Ugh again.

IV line is still going. I have to use the gravity flow bag now, rather than the Eclispe ball, because, you guessed it, medicare won’t pay for the ball. No problem, I had a pole Terry had fixed for me.I’m paying a co-pay weekly for the IV meds; Home Health is helping as much as possible to stock me up on saline and heparin ..but I will end up paying for dressing kits I’m sure.

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