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Friday at the cleaners

I had a busy day today. I cashed out around 4:30 and had several customers after and a problem to solve…so have to cash out again in the morning. I didn’t sweat it this time. My trainer always said cash out around 4:30 in case…but after today, I think I will wait until closer to 5. šŸ™‚

Terry if finally feeling better, bless his heart. The Levsin the doc gave him and time has taken care of his situation.

Last week I ordered some red hanging price tags for pepper jellies and hot pickles and didn’t notice that Ebay has my sister’s old address as my mailing address-I had ordered something for her a while back. Ugh, took a few days to get that cancelled, I re-ordered and they arrived today…lovely red hanging tags to signify hot product.

I found some red elastic hair pony tails that I can tie the red price tag to for the hot product, making it easy to spot at a glance. I take the pony elastic off when I sell the product and that makes inventory easy. šŸ˜€ Some days I amaze myself…LMAO at myself.

Ana’s wisdom teeth appt is next Thursday. I will work on Monday and Dana will work for me on Thursday. That’s the great thing about working with someone I know–we can arrange and swap and help each other.

Example: Today a lady came in for her husbands suit, needed to wear to her father’s funeral. The suit was in, not the shirt. I looked and couldn’t find it under the name given. Lady was very upset and I understand why. Id’ have been too. I called Dana and she had put it under the wrong name. She’s worked there 5 years and it helped me feel less inadequate knowing she messes up too. I can say that right now my mistakes are mostly of the ignorant/can’t remember what she told me that ONE time type. LOL But I know I’ll make some major ones down the road.

A lady came in today …a lady who comes about every 2 weeks. She laid 2 pairs of pants on the counter and walked out. I knew the face but hadn’t learned her name. I stood there for about 15 minutes typing in her last name (spelled wrong) and trying to remember her first name…it’s Wilkie. Then it occurred to me..scan the bar code in her pants dummy. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ Yup, there her name was.

Alterations give me problems. I know what they want done, but I can’t remember the tagging process…but I think I’m about to get it .

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